NCIS: One Thing Fans Are Excited To See’ How Gibbs Gets Boats Out Of His Basement


Since NCIS premiered on CBS, fans have been wondering about over this one plot hole – Agent Leroy Gibbs likes to build boats in his basement, but how does he even get them out?!

Gibbs has this thing where he enjoys building and fixing boats when he needs to clear his head. He’s been doing this since the start of NCIS series.

But something that’s always bugged NCIS fans is how he gets them out of his basement. It seems like there’s only one narrow staircase and walls on all sides on the show.

So basically, lots of people have noticed this plot hole and are trying to figure out what’s up. And get this, even the NCIS show has brought up the question a few times.

In season five, he was asked directly by agent Timothy McGee. “How do you get the boat out?” before Gibbs jokingly replied at NCIS, “Break the bottle, McGee.”

Actually, on the show, they’ve already disproved all the main theories. And it seems like even Mark Harmon himself, when asked how Gibbs from NCIS does it, seems to be scratching his head

As Mark Harmon said goodbye to his character Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS, we finally found out how he got the boat, Rule 51, out of his basement. Turns out, he just busted out the wall, which means his house had a huge hole!


Several characters talked about it, even Ducky who came over to Gibbs’ place, but the real kicker was the chat Gibbs had with Torres.

As Torres drove Gibbs to the airport to catch his flight to Alaska, the conversation went like this:
Torres: Just for the record, I always knew how you were going to get that boat out of the basement.

Gibbs: I didn’t know it was a question.

Torres: Burning for years. I knew about you and that damn boat before I transferred to D.C.

Gibbs: How the hell else was I going to get that thing out?

If Gibbs should ever come back to NCIS—and there’s a chance he will according to the NCIS show runner Steven D. Binder, maybe he’ll even build another boat eventually. But for now, he’s out, at least that’s what he told McGee at the end of the episode.

He said, “I don’t have another boat to build,” but Gibbs left him feeling peaceful. “Whatever I’m feeling, this sense of peace, I have not had this since Shannon and Kelly died, and I’m not ready to let it go.”