Ncis New Spinoff Can Finally Revive The Storyline Killed 11 Years Ago


The upcoming show now has all the reasons to dive deep into the family drama.


NCIS ’ franchise is getting a big transformation by turning to character-centric spinoffs that will dive deeper into NCIS Agents’ personal stories.

One of the upcoming spinoffs will focus on Ziva David in particular, and the show has a good chance to come back to the character’s complicated relationship with one of her family members.

The events that later led to this family member’s death had a huge impact on Ziva, making it a crucial part of her personal background.

NCIS’ franchise is finally taking a closer look at its pivotal characters, and we’re here for it. As the show completely changes its direction shifting from location-centric rather character-centric spinoffs, chances are that fans will finally get answers to some pending questions which have been around for several seasons.

One of the NCIS’ upcoming installments also includes a spinoff about Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, and it may shed some more light on the latter’s big family drama that was never talked about enough ever since season 10.

Ziva David makes her first appearance in NCIS season 3 taking over Caitlin Todd’s position, but her backstory starts coming out of the shadows when her father, Eli David, shows up starting from season 6.

Being a director of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, Eli has a lot of issues with his children who reject the idea of working for their father’s company and would rather go their own ways.


Due to this reason, Ziva’s relationship with her father is quite complicated, though by the end of season 10 she proves herself to be a loving daughter who deeply cared for her father until his death.

In episode 11 of season 10 Eli is shot at a Shabbat dinner and dies in Ziva’s arms after she tries to pursue the shooter, but with no success.

The episode shows Ziva cradling her dead father in her arms, making it clear that, despite all the tension in their relationship, Ziva still loved her dad more than anyone and felt bad about not being able to prevent his death. She later embarks on a personal mission to find her father’s killer and succeeds in episode 22 of season 10.

NCIS’ upcoming spinoff about Ziva working together with her colleague and boyfriend Tony DiNozzo will follow the same timeline as the original show thus Ziva’s father will still be dead anyway, but the series still has a good opportunity to seize by exploring the nature of their relationships.

Though Eli’s character wasn’t a very frequent visitor to the show, his brief appearance yet unveiled a lot about Ziva’s personal background, which is a great storyline to go with in the show dedicated to her in particular.