Meet The Cast Of ‘Ncis: Origins’


NCIS: Origins will be coming soon to CBS and it’s time to meet the cast. In the new prequel, fans will be taken back to 1991, where a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Austin Stowell, is a newly minted special agent at the fledgling Camp Pendleton during the NIS days. He joins a rag-tag team of agents and forges his way under the command of the legendary Mike Franks.

As of now, a premiere date has yet to be announced for Origins, but it will be coming this fall and replacing the canceled NCIS: Hawai’i on the schedule. Once Stowell was officially tapped to play young Gibbs, the casting news just didn’t stop and there are agents old and new that will be on the show. Additionally, while Mark Harmon will not be portraying the fan-favorite agent, he will be narrating the show and serving as an executive producer alongside his son, Sean Harmon. Take a look below to see who you will be catching on your TV screens later this year on NCIS: Origins.

Austin Stowell

Austin Stowell will be stepping into the shoes of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in 1991. The actor is most known for Secret Life of the American Teenager and, most recently, Peacock’s A Friend of the Family. Other credits include Public Morals, Three Women, Bridge of Spies, Whiplash, Swallow, and The Hating Game.

Mariel Molino

Mariel Molino will play a new character in the franchise, Special Agent Lala Dominguez. According to Deadline, she is “a former Marine who navigates her 1990s male-dominated field with a steely resolve and a dark sense of humor. When a tormented Leroy Jethro Gibbs joins her team, the ensuing story between these two enigmatic outsiders is filled with sparks and turns that will keep the audience guessing.”

Molino is most known for The Watchful Eye, Promised Land, The Sh ade, and Dead Man’s Switch, as well as Spanish-language projects Papis Muy Padres, El Juego De Las Llaves, and Narcos: Mexico.


Kyle Schmid

Kyle Schmid also has some big shoes to fill. Taking over the role from Muse Watson, the actor will play Special Agent Michael “Mike” Franks. Via Entertainment Weekly, Franks is described as “a true born-and-raised Texan with a strong mustache and an even stronger will.”

Schmid, who is expecting a baby with wife Caity Lotz, is best known for Six, Copper, Being Human, Accused, CSI: Cyber, Death Row, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Pacifier, and more.

Tyla Abercrumbie

Tyla Abercrumbie will also be playing a new role in the franchise, Field Operation Support Officer Mary Jo. According to Deadline, she is “both a product of her time and the lifeblood of the Camp Pendleton office. With all the acronyms floating around the agency, this mama bear has wryly dubbed herself “HSIC”: Head Secretary in Charge. If you want to know where the bodies are buried, Mary Jo’s the one to ask.”

Abercrumbie is most known for The Chi, which just returned for Season 6. Other credits include Utopia, Proven Innocent, We Grown Now, The Big Leap, The Mob Doctor, The Porter, and more.

Diany Rodriguez

After it was reported that Vera Strickland would be making a return to the NCIS franchise, rumors were proven to be true when Diany Rodriguez was cast as the special agent. Taking over for Roma Maffia, Rodriguez’s portrayal will see “a no-nonsense, sharp-witted Brooklynite who’s tough as nails and never minces words. She’s spent her entire career being underestimated by misogynistic morons (as she calls them), but if it’s a fight those good ol’ boys are looking for, then it’s a fight they’re going to get.”

Rodriguez is most known for The Blacklist, The Outsider, and Ray Donovan. Other credits include Twisted Metal, Thirty Candles, The In Between, California Dreaming, The Suicide Squad, The Purge, Manifest, and more.

Daniel Bellomy

Daniel Bellomy will be recurring as a new character, Special Agent Granville “Granny” Dawson, “a young probationary agent, who’s cutting his teeth as the Evidence Custodian’s assistant, all the while itching to work his way up the ranks to field agent,” according to Deadline.

He is most known for Power Book II: Ghost, Blue Bloods, Suits, and A Matter of Time. Other credits include FBI: International, The Crew Has It, The Good Fight, Paint, Outcast, The Deuce, and more.