Mrs Flood Is A Classic Doctor Who Character Even More Obscure (& Powerful) Than Sutekh: Theory


Doctor Who might have just tipped their hand towards the true identity of Mrs. Flood, with one theory arguing she’s the new version of a classic Doctor Who character who debuted forty-six years ago. Debuting in the Fifteenth Doctor’s first full solo adventure, Mrs. Flood’s apparent identity as a kindly old neighbor to Ruby Rose was subverted when she not only recognizes the TARDIS, but commented on it directly to the viewer. Since then, theories about Mrs. Flood have driven serious discussion in the Doctor Who fandom.

Mrs. Flood reappears in the ending of Doctor Who season 14, “The Empire of Death,” hinting at her full knowledge and true importance in the show. This has only spurred on further speculation about what kind of character Mrs. Flood could be. Many theories argue she’s a new version of a classic character. However, one of the most compelling suggests that Mrs. Flood isn’t a returned Rani or Romana, but rather a new take on a far more powerful force.

Mrs. Flood’s Outfit Hints She’s Doctor Who’s White Guardian

Mrs. Flood’s White Coat Could Be A Clue To Her True Identity

Mrs. Flood’s distinct outfit in “Empire of Death” could be a clue to her true nature as the modern take on the White Guardian. Mrs. Flood appears at the very end of “Empire of Death,” seemingly breaking the fourth wall much as she did in her first appearance in “The Church on Ruby Road.” Notably, Flood clearly speaks to the audience directly. She assures the viewer that Ruby’s story has a happy ending, but warns that the fate awaiting the Doctor is full of “terror.” It’s quietly unsettling, especially when by her earlier referenced unseen plans.
All of this suggests Mrs. Flood is operating on a grander scale than the rest of the universe. Coupled with the visual of her in a puffy white coat, this could hint that Mrs. Flood is secretly the modern Doctor Who’s take on the White Guardian. Introduced during the Fourth Doctor’s era, the White Guardian is the anthropomorphic personification of order. Balanced out by the Black Guardian and their inherent connection to chaos, they are two important cosmic forces in classic Doctor Who. It would explain why Mrs. Flood appears so knowledgeable and hints at her potential future role.

Being The White Guardian Would Explain Mrs. Flood’s Presence

Mrs. Flood’s Sudden Appearances Could Be Explained By Cosmic Power

Mrs. Flood’s timely appearances would fit perfectly for a god of order. While the White Guardian was somewhat good, it was always hinted that the entity wasn’t entirely noble either. This could help explain the slightly nefarious tone of Mrs. Flood’s appearances so far in Doctor Who, and could turn her mention of plans into a more ominous tease for future events. The cosmic powers of the White Guardian would explain Flood’s awareness of the Doctor, and the white coat would serve a similar visual purpose to the white suit worn by the White Guardian.


A similar white coat was also in the wardrobe of Romana, a Time-Lord companion of the Doctor in the classic Doctor Who. This isn’t the only former companion outfit that Mrs. Flood has replicated, though. She also wears outfits that resemble Rory, Clara, and Ryan’s costumes during their stints with the Doctor, further reinforcing an awareness of Doctor Who’s universe that even Time-Lords didn’t recognize. Being a god-like entity like the White Guardian would be able to more easily explain Mrs. Flood’s apparent knowledge, and directly connect the cosmic force with other important deities like the Toymaker and Sukeh.

Doctor Who Has Already Changed Aspects Of Classic Characters

Mrs. Flood Could Be The Latest Example Of A Modern Doctor Who Trend

Mrs. Flood may not have too many obvious similarities with the White Guardian, with her casual human appearance being a far cry from the polite but distant entity he was in the past. However, plenty of modern Doctor Who villains have been tweaked or modified for the modern show. The Toymaker’s persona was modified from the character’s original incarnation, highlighting how older concepts can be tweaked to fit into new stories. The changes made to Sutekh’s origin story underscore that Doctor Who retcons are still easily possible when cosmic forces are at play.

Doctor Who clearly has larger plans for Mrs. Flood. Her prominence across the season and hints about her true nature indicate she’s more than just an elderly neighbor. Reimagining the White Guardian as someone firmly aware of the Doctor and working their own machinations right in front of him would replicate the effect of the original version of the character. It would bring back another classic threat, similar to the return of Sutekh. This could help make Mrs. Flood one of the most important characters in the latest season of Doctor Who.