Criminal Minds Hints At Fixing A Huge OG Character Finale Complaint, 4 Years Later


Criminal Minds: Evolution has continued the original story of Criminal Minds, with some changes made in the time jump between its start and the series finale, leading to some confusion and complaints from viewers. Criminal Minds had 15 seasons before it ended in early 2020. The series was revived two years later, in 2022, with a 3-year time jump between the Criminal Minds season 15 finale and the Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 premiere. Not every character returned for Criminal Minds: Evolution, but the series retained six BAU team members.

There’s still a chance Reid and Morgan can return in Criminal Minds: Evolution, but for now, the story has focused on Emily, Rossi, JJ, Luke, Tara, and Penelope. During the time jump, the BAU didn’t stay together entirely, with the Criminal Minds finale teasing characters going in different directions. The “Sicarius” case brought everyone back together, and the “Gold Star” case could tear them apart in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. There’s still room for some major changes ahead of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 3, and hopefully, one will have to do with an unexpected love triangle.

Luke Still Has Feelings For Penelope In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

Luke Never Got Over Penelope After Their Failed Date

In the Criminal Minds series finale, after seasons of teasing a relationship between Luke and Penelope, he finally asked her out on a date. She accepted, but by the time Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 began, they were back to square one Penelope insisting she didn’t like Luke and constant bickering. Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 had a flashback of Luke and Penelope’s date that saw them decide their relationship works better as just friends. Yet, it appears Luke never got over his romantic feelings, and it’s become more obvious since he found out about Penelope and Tyler’s relationship.


It’s so clear that even Voit picked up on it. In Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, episode 5, Voit points out the love triangle between Penelope, Luke, and Tyler to try and get under their skin. He succeeds, and the line teases that they still have a chance romantically. Luke and Penelope have gotten closer again as friends, but Voit’s comment forces Penelope to confront Luke’s feelings for her. Penelope claims to have moved on from Tyler, and she’s increasingly relied on Luke, showing she still values their relationship, romantic or platonic.

Penelope & Luke Finally Getting Together Could Fix A Criminal Minds: Evolution Problem

Penelope’s Inappropriate Relationship With Tyler Has Been Hurting Her Character

Beyond many viewers feeling robbed of the chance to see Penelope and Luke together, seeing Penelope and Tyler together has hurt her character. Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 has made Penelope a hypocrite, as she claimed she and Luke’s relationship wouldn’t work because of their history as colleagues. Yet, she got into a relationship with Tyler, knowing the conflicts of interest it would cause. Though agents aren’t supposed to date, Luke and Penelope have proven over multiple seasons that they can be far more professional than Penelope has been with Tyler.

At times, Tyler has been untrustworthy, and his feelings for Penelope have negatively impacted her ability to do her job. She even went against Emily’s orders to continue seeing him in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1. Fortunately, showrunner Erica Messer has said there will be more Luke and Penelope romance in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. With the season having just hit its halfway mark, there’s still a chance for them to finally get together and redeem Penelope’s bad romantic decisions in Criminal Minds: Evolution.