Married At First Sight Uk’S Peggy Rose And Georges Berthonneau Confirm They Are Still Together After Fans Feared They’D Split Following Reunion


Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau, the stars of Married At First Sight UK, have confirmed that they are still together, months after recording the reunion episode of the show. When the pair suddenly stopped using social media, there were rumors that their marriage was finished. However, they have since confirmed on Instagram that they are still together and stronger than ever. Alongside her husband Georges, Peggy shared three cozy photos, including two gorgeous ones from their wedding day.

After the reunion, the Technology Risk Partner continued to gush about how much they had enjoyed some “much needed quality time together.” During their time in the MAFS experiment, Peggy and Georges had several challenges, such as their radically different perspectives on intimacy and the streamer’s difficulty winning over his wife’s family. Nevertheless, Peggy and Georges have acknowledged they are happy than ever, months after recording their reunion.

Peggy captioned her post: ‘CONFIRMED: We’re still together! ❤️������

‘We held back on sharing and smothering socials to give ourselves some much needed quality time post the show ending.

‘Although we are in a relationship, we still have our own identity and individuality – that’s what makes us so strong.

‘As cliche as this sounds, we want to thank you all for your patience – it hasn’t been easy, but sharing our journey with you means the world as your ongoing love and support are everything to us.

‘Plus, we have more exciting news: we’ve created joint accounts to share our life post MAFS. Follow along for more updates. Here’s to the next chapter!’

While Peggy has shared the exciting news that she and Georges are still going strong, she was tight-lipped on whether they’ve consummated their marriage on a recent Q and A on Instagram.

She said: ‘Soooo many of you asking this question so I’ll ask you one back…’ followed a poll for her followers to share their predictions. It comes after the MAFS reunion, filmed earlier this year, baffled some viewers, as Peggy revealed that she and Georges were yet to consummate their marriage. Reuniting with the rest of the cast, the duo admitted that they were still waiting to ‘go all the way,’ three months after their wedding.

Fans of the show shared their disbelief to Twitter / X as they took the opportunity to joke about the couple’s lack of intimacy. Poking fun, one person wrote: ‘The year is 2955. Mankind has evolved to communicate via telepathy and the polar ice caps have just reformed as we enter a mini ice age. Peggy and Georges have still not had sex.’

‘Peggy wanted kids with Georges, someone’s going to have to tell her how that happens,’ another added.

‘Can’t believe Peggy hasn’t done anything with Georges yet! She doesn’t like him poor baba’s self esteem is on the floor,’ a third shared.

Another person asked: “I find it fascinating that Peggy still refuses to have sex with Georges.” Is that how he disgusts her, or what? “Rumor has it that Peggy and Georges haven’t had sex to this day,” wrote another. Four couples—Ella and JJ, Peggy and Georges, Adrienne and Matt, and Paul and Tasha—decided on whether to stay together or end their relationship, leading to an intense conclusion to the E4 dating series on Tuesday.

During the show, Peggy and Georges appeared to overcome their differences as they decided to stay together. After a cliffhanger in the Final Vows episode, Peggy told how she was trusting Georges to ‘prove everyone that doubted you wrong’ after her family shared their uncertainty over their relationship. She said: ‘This is by far the biggest decision of my life. My family want the best for me, and family and respect to me are everything.

‘They want me to be happy and put myself first. As much as I wanted to trust you, trust for me is something that is earned.

‘I may not trust easily, but I trust myself. And I also trust that you’ll prove everyone that doubted you wrong. So my decision is to stay and continue our story together.’

Peggy had previously been called “disgusting” and “disrespectful” for the way she had treated her husband Georges. Peggy’s parents, who she still resides with as a tricenarian, have taken offense at his employment status, even though he has reiterated that he had placed his personal training business on hold to appear on the show. This has resulted in harsh criticism. After the presentation concluded, Peggy disclosed that she had left her previous position as a Technology Risk Partner to launch her own clothing line.

She told OK!: ‘It’s called Off the Peg Boutique because when I was bridal dress shopping, I’m tall and the only dresses I could find were off the peg… It’s Married at First Sight that actually enabled me to do something I’m happy with because I absolutely loved the process.

‘I loved the experience and I thought I haven’t been this happy since probably moving school.’