Kyle Richards’ Sister And Kids Went To A Morgan Wade Show Together And This Is How It Went


Along with her daughters and sister Kathy Hilton, the mother of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills attended the concert. Recently, Kyle Richards went on a musical excursion with her daughters and sister Kathy Hilton. On October 22, a cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills posted Instagram Stories from a recent Morgan Wade performance, showing off some family fun. It appears like everyone had a great time.

In one post, Kyle showed her daughters Alexia and Sophia Umansky sitting in their concert seats with friends. The girls were all smiles. A few seats down, Kyle and Kathy put their heads together to pose for a pic. In her caption, Kyle wrote: “Had the best time with my sister [and daughters and friends] at the [Morgan Wade] concert.”

Kyle’s later Instagram Stories showed her, Kathy, and her daughters and friends all singing at the country music show. In her caption, the RHOBH OG wrote: “Friday night [Mogran Wade] we had fun.”

Kyle Richards attends Morgan Wade’s concert with her sister, daughters, and friends


The October 20 concert took place at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The gang brought their casual concert gear to the outdoor show, with Alexia and Sophia wearing jeans and Kyle and Kathy looking casually chic as well. The RHOBH cast member and her concert crew represent just a part of Morgan’s growing fan base. Here’s a quick backgrounder on the singer, who grew up in Virginia and worked on her music during college.

Morgan released the 11-track record Puppets with My Heart back in 2018; in 2021, she released Reckless through the Thirty Tigers/now Sony Music Nashville label. This year, she dropped her latest album, Psychopath, and is in the midst of touring for the record.

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade became friends through music
Kyle has previously opened up about how she met the country singer. “I heard Morgan on the radio — I heard ‘Wilder Days,’” Kyle said. “And then I went to all of the others. And I was like, ‘Wow, this girl’s really blowing me away with her voice and the lyrics.’ And I looked her up on Instagram and I was like ‘Oh.’ I don’t know, the tattoos and everything, I wasn’t expecting all that. So I followed her and then I kept listening to her music on, like, repeat. And then she sent me a DM asking me why I was following her.”

“I just didn’t expect someone from Beverly Hills [to follow me], ya know? My friends freaked out,” Morgan added about becoming pals with the RHOBH cast member.

Where does Kyle Richards stand with her sisters today?

It looks like Kyle is doing well with her siblings, Kim and Kathy Richards. During an Amazon Live Stream last month, the RHOBH ‘Wife gave an update on her relationships with her family, saying that Kim’s daughter Whitney Davis’ wedding was “very cathartic” for everyone.

“Yeah, we arrived at Kemo Sabe, and my sister Kathy entered,” Kyle remarked, alluded to the Aspen hat shop where her confrontation with Kathy started during Season 12 of RHOBH. “And she apologized to me and said it wasn’t my fault, and it really meant a lot to me.”

Kyle also opened up about enjoying her time with Kim at a wedding event.

“My sister Kim was great, and we all had so much fun doing karaoke, so that was just the best,” Kyle continued. “Let’s just hope it stays that way.”

For more news on Kyle and her family, stay tuned for Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.