Lisa Vanderpump Fires Back At Kristen’S Claim Of Pandora Having Fake Accent, Tells Kyle How To Apologize, And Shares If They Had Run-In At Bravocon, Plus Addresses Sandoval Getting Booed & New Pump Rules Season


In response to Kristen Doute’s allegations that her daughter Pandora Sabo has a “fake accent,” Lisa Vanderpump is criticizing Doute.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 63, discussed Kyle Richards, 54, at BravoCon on Friday. She said that Kyle should apologize for calling her a liar, disclosed that they were separated during the fan event, and shared her opinions about the numerous taunts that Tom Sandoval, 40, received from supporters.

They have a lot of stakes. And I never undervalue the significance of fans,” Lisa said to Housewives Nightcap on Access Hollywood. “Because, even though it hasn’t always been there, the fans’ support during my roughly 15 years of reality television has helped me get through some of my lowest moments.” Since the fans have always said, “Lisa, we got you,” anytime any of the women disagree with me, I believe Sandoval is going through double the hardship. We accept you. It is therefore a bit excessive to have the booing. It is, in fact. However, I recognize that they have a great deal of emotional investment in this group, so please keep an open mind for the greatest season.

That said, she did confess to feeling that Sandoval doesn’t always say the right things.

“Like when [the fan asked], ‘Would you do it differently?’ I said, ‘The answer is yes, all of it.’ But he will still say something like, ‘Well, you know…’ No that’s not the answer. People want to see utter contrition,” she stated.

Continuing on about Vanderpump Rules season 11, Lisa said it “was pretty emotional.”

“And I got involved in that as well because honestly, what hurts them hurts me. When I see them in pain … It’s hard to watch sometimes. It really is,” she revealed.

Lisa then spoke to Entertainment Tonight about a potential run-in with Kyle.

“I haven’t seen her. They’re doing an excellent job of keeping us separated. Not at my behest, but I’m appreciating it,” she admitted, noting that she’d only seen Garcelle Beauvais, 56, her “favorite,” thus far.

Lisa then recalled her past drama with Kyle on RHOBH and encouraged Kyle to apologize — before noting that she doesn’t really care.

“This is how you reconcile: ‘Sorry for calling you a liar. Can we move on?’ That’s how you reconcile but I actually haven’t given her much thought to be honest,” she shared. “I’m so busy.”

That said, Lisa acknowledged the “empathy” she has for Kyle when asked about her separation from Mauricio Umansky, 53.


“[I] do have empathy for any marriage that goes through that. I think that’s hard, especially living in this public forum. So I don’t want to see that.
Also during her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lisa again commented on the booing.

“The fans have an opinion and I understand that. Their support over the years has been extraordinary and I do think, one woman put it best where, ‘Let’s not just think of them as television characters. They’re also people.’ It’s a human being with feelings,” she noted. “I think he’s been remarkably resilient but on this season of Vanderpump Rules, you’re not always gonna see that resilience. You’re gonna see a lot of vulnerability and that’s kind of hard to watch.”

Lisa stated that audiences will see progress from Ariana in Pump Rules season 11, in addition to witnessing a more vulnerable side of Sandoval.

“I’ve seen the biggest growth from Ariana,” Lisa said. As we exited the stage together, she gave me a hug and declared her love for me.”I also adore you, Ariana.” And I remarked, “This is such a great lesson for women to actually come out and win when they’ve really been kind of like put kind of down and in the trenches, the emotional trenches in their life.” In her life, I believe that moving on, winning, and maintaining an optimistic outlook have been incredible.

That said, when it comes to Ariana’s relationship with Sandoval, Lisa said there’s “still so much negativity between them” and doubted they’ll ever find a resolution.

As for her thoughts on Kristen suggesting Pandora’s accent was fake, Lisa shaded her co-star for speaking nonsense.

“[Pandora] was born in Britain, she grew up in France, seven years of her life, and then she went to Pepperdine when she was 18. Why wouldn’t she have a British accent?” Lisa wondered. “Maybe, sometimes she’s had a fake American accent to fit in. But it’s just utter drivel that comes out of Kristen Doute’s mouth, unfortunately.

“But the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior so I don’t really invest in anything she has to say,” she added.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is expected to begin airing on Bravo in January 2024.