Lala Kent Explains Defending Tom Sandoval Against Bravocon Boos, As She Pops Off On James And Says Fans Will Be “Torn” Amid Pump Rules Season 11


Lala Kent tried to calm down the Vanderpump Rules panelists as they showered her worthy co-star Tom Sandoval with jeers. However, why?

When it comes to season 11, Lala, 33, stated that fans will be “torn,” and she took a swipe at James Kennedy, 31, for implying that she was spending time with Sandoval in Las Vegas. Lala also acknowledged that she wanted to get over the drama surrounding Sandoval’s shady relationship with Raquel Leviss, 29.

You can’t have too much from me.According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Lala hinted, “I think it’s going to be interesting.” “You’re going to feel conflicted. Yes, I did advise everyone to lose their minds about Tom Sandoval, but now I’m encouraging them to sort of back off.”

Following the release of the trailer on Friday, Sandoval admitted that filming the new season was “a lot.”

“It’s really intense, per usual…but it’s really short,” he noted.

According to Sandoval, something happens during the season that will surprise fans.

“There’s definitely something that you don’t see coming that happens, that’s not involved with me,” he teased.

Fans will also see an evolution between him and Tom Schwartz, 40, who faced backlash, both at their businesses and on social media, due to their ties following the breaking of “Scandoval” earlier this year.

Sandoval remarked, “Considering, I mean, I definitely put him through a lot.” You know what I mean? [He] received a lot of residual animosity from me alone. I think that things have definitely improved in [our relationship]. He had to cope with a lot of lingering animosity because I obviously caused us to go through difficult times, so I truly appreciate his standing by.

He said, “And after everything I did, I feel like we’re stronger than ever.” “We’re in a good place, and we’ve always had a resilient, loving, and caring friendship.”

Lisa Vanderpump, 63, also confirmed viewers would see their journey on season 11.

“It wasn’t that easy, was it?” she asked Sandoval.

“No, it wasn’t. It’s definitely the most strain we’ve ever had on our friendship, for sure,” he replied.

As for what prompted Lala to pop off on James, that took place after he suggested she was secretly spending time with Sandoval.

“I don’t think that was Lala. I heard that was somebody else,” Ariana Madix, 38, noted.

“I saw someone’s Story [and] I didn’t like what I saw. You know, if the girls are so tight over there,” James explained as the crowd signaled to Scheana Shay, 38.

“Scheana’s not even up here,” Lala responded. “I was not hanging out with Sandoval. Stay in your f*cking lane. No, I was not.”

According to James, he saw Logan on the couch in a clip shared from Sandoval’s suite and assumed that because he and Lala are “always together,” she was there too.

But Lala insisted she was not.

“I’m not gonna let you tell this whole room that I was kicking it at Sandoval’s room last night. The lies! The lies!” Lala proclaimed.

Following the panel, during a red carpet interview, Lala explained why she seemingly defended Sandoval against boos, reminding the audience that he didn’t have to show up.

“I simply thought that was sufficient.” It might not have been directly for Sandoval, in my opinion. We simply couldn’t carry on like this. At some point, we have to move on,” Lala said to Us Weekly. “And I no longer felt that the punishment was appropriate for the offense.”

“What an impolite query that was submitted for him. Next came the jeers. To be honest, I would be giving you the finger and instructing you to kick rocks if I were him,” she continued.

Lala continued talking about her season 11 filming experience and mentioned that she has never been a big fan of Sandoval.

“I’ve been in a room with him for many years when I didn’t want to be, so for me it was normal,” she stated. “Nothing changed for me. We’ve all got to move on in some way — and we had a fantastic season 11. It’ll look very different, but it’ll still be amazing.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is set to premiere on Bravo in January 2024.