Katie Maloney Seemingly Suggests Lisa Vanderpump Is Jealous Of Ariana’S Fame, Plus Ex Tom Schwartz’S ‘Friend’ Jo Wenberg Talks Filming Pump Rules, & Shares How Lala Treated Her


It appears that Katie Maloney implied Lisa Vanderpump, her former boss, is envious of Ariana Madix’s notoriety stemming from the scandal surrounding her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval’s extramarital affair.

Additionally, Jo Wenberg, the “friend” of her ex-husband Tom Schwartz, allegedly made her Instagram public, mentioned how “hard” it was to film the newest season of Vanderpump Rules, and disclosed how Lala Kent handled her.

A question about whether Lisa is jealous of Ariana for her post-Scandoval stardom was posed to Katie at a BravoCon panel that @byewighellodrama posted on Instagram.

“I…” said Katie, hesitating, as the crowd reacted with surprise, “…don’t know. Does she?”

Ariana looked shocked at her friend’s answer, before Katie asked the audience, “Do you guys think she does?”

When the crowd screamed ‘Yes!’ Katie added, “You guys said it, not me.” She then took a sip of her drink.


Around the same time, the ‘friend’ and former ‘roommate’ of Katie’s ex Tom reportedly made her Instagram account public and released a video via @Tasteof_reality.

“Well, I did film for Vanderpump Rules this season, and that was an incredibly eye-opening experience. Jo clarified, “Usually, I’m behind the camera. In front of the camera was really difficult for me.

Jo claimed that despite her struggles, the producers treated her well, as did Katie’s friend Lala, who Jo described as “so sweet” and who gave her “grace.”

Jo was taken aback by this as the two ladies were strangers and did not follow one another on social media. “I wanted to express my gratitude to Schwartz for his amazing work, and to Lala for her comforting words,” Jo continued.