General Hospital: Zeke And Jordan’s Chemistry Test! Hot New Couple In The Making?


After Jordan and Curtis shared a hot kiss on General Hospital a few episodes ago, she may have become hopeful of reconnecting with her ex-husband. He broke her heart, however, when he decided to return to Portia in order to give their marriage a second try. But Jordan dearest is too far away to sulk and cry a river over her broken heart! The latest GH spoilers suggest that the lovely damsel would pursue another man from Portia’s past. Will she be more fortunate this time? To find out, keep reading TV Season & Spoilers!

Jordan Steers Clears Of Curtis’ Mixed Feelings

Surely Curtis’ decision of wanting to give his marriage with Portia a fighting chance has left Jordan with a next to negligible chance of rekindling a romance with him on General Hospital. Although Curtis requested Jordan to remain in his life in whatever capacity possible as he tries to figure it all out, Jordan pushed the breaks on it. She does not want to be put on standby while Curtis tests the waters with Portia by moving into the beach house with her.

Perhaps in the upcoming episodes of General Hospital, Jordan will decide to kick her wounds by taking some time away from all the Curtis drama. She might want to indulge in some me-time with a relaxing evening by the pool, sipping on some cocktails as the summer sun sets in! Ah, quite a calming picture! Isn’t it? Well, the latest spoilers tease that the pot will become even sweeter for Jordan! She will get accompanied by total eye candy, Zeke Robinson! But will it just be a casual encounter with some pleasantries exchanged? Or will it be an encounter that will have a lasting impact? On their hearts, perhaps!


Jordan Finds A New Love Interest In Zeke On General Hospital

After a brief meet and greet with his sister, Portia, Zeke will perhaps retreat to his room at The Metro Court. After all, that’s where all the PC birds flock, right? So it won’t be surprising at all if the Metro Court pool is the one Jordan chooses to lounge around! Perhaps after settling in, Zeke will decide to grab some refreshments by the pool and bump into a gorgeous lady there! However, little will he know of the connection between Jordan and Portia.

Further General Hospital spoilers tease that Zeke will turn on his charms around Jordan

and try to woo her! Perhaps, Jordan, too, might enjoy the attention; after all, she just suffered a heartbreak. Although we wonder how Portia will react when she catches wind of her brother’s impromptu date with Jordan. While her initial reaction could be shocking, later on, she might start to see the benefits of it. If Jordan moves on with Zeke, or any other man for that matter, she won’t chase after Curtis. That’s a win! Although we have a hard time imagining a positive reaction from Curtis over it.
That being said, we, for one, are excited to see where the tale between Zeke and Jordan could go. What about you? Tell us in the comments! Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what happens next.