General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Goes To Sonny With Her Suspicions About Gladys!


Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) is reportedly neck-deep in debt to mobster Selina Wu (Lydia Look), according to General Hospital (GH) teasers. Gladys gained access to Selina’s poker games in the Savoy’s back room by using her position as the wealth conservator for Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). Sasha, though, made progress and was soon to have her conservatorship terminated. Gladys was unable to accept that, so she persuaded Sasha’s doctor—a participant in Selina’s game—to prescribe a drug that would make Sasha appear insane.

Sasha Gilmore Stabbed Cody Bell!

Sasha experienced hallucinations as a result of the medication’s overly successful effects. Sasha acted quickly and stabbed Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) after becoming convinced that Gladys was being attacked. Sadly, Cyrus wasn’t the culprit after all. After the event, Sasha was placed in a facility, and Gladys was able to keep the conservatorship. It was Cody Bell (Josh Kelly). However, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), who saw everything, undoubtedly had her doubts.

Maxie Jones Is Suspicious Of Gladys Corbin!

Maxie is well aware of Gladys’ interest in the finer things in life. She’ll also find it suspicious that Sasha was given a prescription that was so obviously wrong for her. And although she may not be able to put all the pieces together herself, that doesn’t mean Maxie will sit by and do nothing while her friend suffers. She will most likely take matters into her own hands and seek out the one person who can put a stop to Gladys’ shenanigans. Gladys is the cousin to a very powerful Port Charles resident and may be the only one who can stop her.


Maxie Jones Will Go To Sonny Corinthos!

Maxie turned to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) when she realized that Sasha’s conservatorship was going to expire. Gladys’ cousin Sonny is well aware of how avaricious Gladys is. Look for Sonny to act after learning about Sasha’s new medication from Maxie. He’ll quickly learn about Gladys’ owe to Selina. That should have been sufficient to persuade Gladys to confess, along with the knowledge that Sasha was going to terminate the conservatorship. We’ll have to wait and see what Sonny does with Gladys at that time.

What do you think?

Is Maxie suspicious of Gladys? Will she go to Sonny with her theory? Just how will Sonny handle Gladys going forward? Anything can happen in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC