General Hospital Predictions: This Week & Beyond – Curtis’ Prognosis Stuns – Spencer Targeted


Fans of General Hospital, your wait for insider information is over! We’re dissecting the most recent promo for the program and exploring the surprises it has in store for Curtis Ashford, Portia, and other characters.

In-depth analysis is provided in this piece, along with predictions based on confirmed spoilers and prospective plot lines.

We speculate on potential outcomes for your favorite characters, providing insight into upcoming narrative developments.

Hello, supporters of General Hospital. I’m Belynda from Soap Dirt, and I have some predictions for General Hospital up coming. You can read about Curtis and Valentin, Portia, Spencer, Willow, Dex, and a deceased person in my material.

And that dead body, it looks like, is confirmed by official spoilers—all of these tied to official spoilers. But we’re just kind of extrapolating and talking about what could happen. I will be very clear, and I will tell you as we talk.

What’s a spoiler, and what we’re having a conversation about so we can be really transparent about what the official spoilers are because I don’t want to tell you ever that something’s a spoiler when it’s not. I promise you I won’t do that.

General Hospital Spoiler Alert: Curtis Ashford’s Possible Future

All right, digging into our first prediction is that Curtis Ashford survives — but he’s paralyzed at least for a while. There are reasons that we’re thinking this. So there’s not a lot of spoilers that’s for the week ahead.

But we are looking into, and I’m pulling them out now, spoilers for the week of July 24th. And while there are none that specifically mention Curtis Ashford, there are a couple.

Like we have one on July 25th where Portia Robinson tries to comfort someone. So, I wonder if she is comforting Curtis as he is waking up out of his post-op haze and everything. And has to deal with the reality that his future will never be the same.

The good thing about this GH storyline is if they temporarily had Curtis Ashford suffering from paralysis, it would give Donnell Turner excellent Emmy fodder.

Donnell is a great actor. He’s a great, nice guy in real life. And it would be super sweet to see that trophy in his hand. And this is the kind of storyline that could make that happen for him.

Potential Character Growth for Portia Robinson on GH

It would also give Portia the opportunity to take care of him and for their love to kind of get back on track. It would keep Stella Henry and Marshall around. And they’re always a lot of fun.

Also, he could have some sympathy from Sonny because Sonny’s been through this paralysis thing after being shot a few years ago.

And it would also give him some seriously poignant scenes with his newfound daughter, Trina. So, I think it’s going to have some kind of tragic outcome for him, but not death, and not permanently.

Exciting Twist in the General Hospital Narrative

All right, our number two prediction is that Valentin and Laura Spencer find someone in Chechnya — someone important. So, Victor Cassadine knows who is at that property in Russia, and he left it to Nikolas Cassadine.

So, just the calculus on that makes it seem like the person that they find there is someone that should be important to Nikolas. And just a reminder, it can’t be Nik himself, even though that’s what Laura Spencer is hoping to find.

Because remember, he is, as far as we know, still in a coma. And still being held in Pautuck, New York, by Austin Gatlin-Holt’s crazy cousin, Mason Gatlin.

So it’s not Nik. All right. So it could be Nikolas’s Grandmother, Helena Cassadine. That would be a whole lot of fun if Constance Towers was back for another few episodes and was revealed to be alive.

Or maybe it could be Nick’s dad, Stavros Cassadine, who was also supposedly dead. But you know, those Cassadines are like cockroaches. You cannot kill them. A lot of people are hoping that it might be Luke Spencer.

And because Laura’s there, that would certainly be very shocking for her. Luke obviously wouldn’t be someone that Nik would care that much about other than having him as leverage or to give back to his mom, Laura Spencer.

So maybe it’s them. We’re also going to do a standalone video on this. So check back at our channel. And we’re going to explore a little more about who they are going to find in Chechnya, but it’s someone important.

General Hospital Predictions: Portia’s Single-Minded Protection for Trina

Our number three prediction is that Portia is not going to let up on her anti-Spencer Cassadine scheme. Despite Portia having an injured husband who’s been shot, you know, barely made it through surgery, maybe paralyzed.


All her focus should be on Curtis Ashford and his health — but it’s not. She is going to double down on this stuff against Spencer. And seeing Curtis shot, you know, makes it more important to her to protect her family.

And of course, the singular focus as a mom she has is protecting Trina Robinson. Portia is going to keep encouraging Esme at every turn. And you know, that could be dangerous just because she’s a psycho, you know. That would be really bad.

And Trina’s gonna be furious once she finds out about it — and of course, she will find out about it. It could further fracture the family. Still, with all these things about it and the fact that Portia has been warned repeatedly not to go down this path, next week’s spoilers have her grilling Spencer Cassadine.

And the other thing is, I think that Portia probably knows that Spencer and Trina have not been intimate yet. And she probably wants to break them up before that happens.

Willow and Nina’s Growing Bond – An Impending GH Catastrophe?

Alright, our fourth prediction and this half is based on a spoiler — the second half is not. So Willow Tait, and Nina are bonding. That’s an official spoiler. And then it’s all gonna blow up. That’s not an official spoiler, but I think you have to agree that it’s coming, right?

So the new spoiler says that Nina Reeves scores big points with Willow Tait. And that is the week of July 24th. She has been allowed into Willow’s little recovery bubble.

She’s going to get closer and closer to her. They’re going to bond, and Carly Corinthos Spencer is not going to be there to be a guard dog because Willow now wants her biological mother there.

General Hospital Spoilers – A Wedding, A Reveal, And Nina’s Imminent Downfall?

And what I’m wondering is if they get closer and then Willow gets all healed up from her Leukemia and her bone marrow transplant by the time Nina Reeves is having her wedding.

Maybe they’re so close that she is going to be Nina’s maid of honor. Matron of honor, technically, since she’s married as well.

That would put Willow front and center at the wedding, where we expect this whole secret thing to blow up in Nina’s face.

Possibly with Eddie Maine getting his memories back. They’re setting it up. So it’s all going to be so much worse for Nina each day. She’s going to lose the daughter, a real daughter she’s gotten close to.

And you know, can they ever fix it after this? It just seems doubtful. And it seems like there’s going to be a huge fallout coming.

The Gruesome Discovery on GH: Dex’s Unsettling Encounter

All right. Dex Heller finding a body is our final prediction. The official spoiler and this is for Monday, July 24th, is that Dex makes a grizzly discovery — that phrase, grizzly discovery. Anytime we see that, it’s always very occasionally still alive.

But generally, if they say grizzly, it is a dead body. So, who is it? Who is Dex going to find dead? It could be, like, maybe one of Selina Wu’s flunkies. Um, you know, it could be the assassin that took that potshot at Sonny and Anna. Maybe whoever hired him has him killed for failing.

General Hospital’s Sonny Lends Dex a Helping Hand: A Hidden Body and Consequences

Sonny Corinthos is now advising Dex a day after this terrible discovery. Perhaps on how to call the police without making himself known. Because he has seen too many crime scenes, and it is simply unprofessional for a man to be associated with a gangster.

Therefore, I do believe that the Dex will locate a dead corpse despite their claims of a horrific discovery. However, I don’t believe it will be a top priority for anyone. I predict it will be someone we may not have heard of before. Or perhaps they played a very small role. All we can do is wait and see.