General Hospital: It’s A WRAP! James Patrick Stuart Announces Filming Completion


The final round of the Good vs. Evil battle on General Hospital is about to begin. While the rest of her comrades rush to gather around them, Holly Sutton has her gun fixed on Victor Cassadine. One good soldier is painfully absent from the main battleground, though. The son of Victor, Valentin Cassadine. Victor abandoned his kid bound to a chair after being let down by his betrayal and refusal to join the dark side. While the pathogen begins to have a fatal impact on him. Victor’s time is running out, as we all know. But will this vicious criminal also see the death of his kid as his final triumph?

The latest General Hospital spoilers explicitly tease that now everyone is going to come out alive in the aftermath of this battle. Victor Cassadine is going down for sure, but is Valentin the other person saying goodbye? He certainly is the one in the most danger and with hardly any chances of survival. He is already beginning to fade and losing his grip on life as he battles visions of his mother, Helena Cassadine. Thankfully, Anna reaches the bunker while Valentin is still alive and urges him to hold on. But is it really in Valentin’s capacity anymore?

General Hospital Star James Patrick Stuart Announces A Wrap!

General Hospital’s creators and Valentin’s actor, James Patrick Stuart, have remained mum on Valentin’s future on the soap opera while his life hangs in the balance. Valentin’s character development throughout time—from the most vile Cassadine to an unquestionable hero—has been admirable. It would therefore be extremely tragic if he passed away shortly after Anna managed to survive the gunshot. Fans will be devastated if Valentin passes away right away because the couple just started dating.


Recently, James Patrick Stuart posted a wrap-up picture on his Instagram account. The General Hospital star announced that he has finished filming for 26 fantastic episodes. This is for the second season of his Disney show, The Villains of Valley View

He pointed out that the episodes are coming the fans’ way very soon. “Wait till you see!” he concluded. You can watch this post below!


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While this will come as exciting news for James Patrick Start’s fans, it really does nothing to soothe our anxiety over Valentin’s fate on the soap. We guess we will have to tune into the upcoming episode of General Hospital to find out what the makers have planned for him. Meanwhile, tell us in the comments what you think will happen to Valentin next!