Fans Argue It’s Time To End Blue Bloods: “It Became Beyond Ridiculous”


Blue Bloods, the once unstoppable force in the realm of cop dramas, is suddenly showing signs of wear and tear. Season 13, according to some disappointed fans at least, has not been kind to our beloved Reagans.

What was once a powerhouse drama, full of gripping stories and compelling characters, has fans scratching their heads and asking, “What happened?” The writing in Season 13, some argue, has lost its mojo. The plots are straying into the realm of the ridiculous, and characters we’ve loved for over a decade are acting…well, out of character.

Take our dashing Jamie, for instance, recovering from a gut shot like he’s got some superhuman healing powers in season 13 premiere storyline. Or Eddie… Well, don’t get fans started on this unfortunate character – it’s like there’s this never-ending stream of hate for her.

Some fans can’t help but feel that the Reagans have lost their way in this latest season, even going as far as calling the show “beyond ridiculous.”

Of course, every TV show has its defenders.

Some fans argue that Blue Bloods is still tackling real-world problems in a way that makes it stand out from other cop dramas. They point out that the show isn’t as melodramatic as others in the genre, like The Rookie or 911.


And the good guys always winning, celebrating another victory with yet another family dinner? For some, that’s just the comfort they need.

The news of Blue Bloods getting renewed for a 14th season, despite budget and salary cuts, has sparked a debate that’s still far from over.

“How much is too much?” some fans are asking, suggesting that maybe it’s time for the Reagans to hang up their badges.

But let’s remember that TV history is full of cop dramas that have managed to keep the charm alive for years. Law & Order, NCIS, anyone? They’ve done it, and maybe Blue Bloods can too. After all, some fans swear the show won’t end till Tom Selleck rides off into the sunset.

So, as Season 14 looms, the question remains: Can Blue Bloods recapture the magic that made us fall in love with it? We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, here’s hoping that our favorite NYPD family finds its way back to form – and The Writers Guild of America strike won’t affect season 14 scripts further.