General Hospital Baby Mama: Should Kristina Play TJ Ashford And Molly’s Surrogate?


Will this make a GH family or break one?

As soon as Kristina heard that her baby sister Molly might not be able to carry a baby on General Hospital, she leaped into action and offered to be Molly’s surrogate for her and her domestic partner TJ Ashford.

General Hospital Polling

Molly (Brooke Anne Smith) didn’t like the idea. TJ (Tajh Bellow) didn’t like the idea. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) didn’t like the idea. Sam (Kelly Monaco) didn’t like the idea. But do the viewers?

Kristina Davis: Go For It

What a wonderful idea, 12% of you cheer. Molly and Kristina (Kate Mansi) have the same mother, and their fathers are half-brothers, which on soaps is about as close of a genetic match as you’re going to get. Kristina can give Molly the baby she always wanted as of last week, and they can be a happy family forever!

General Hospital: Let Us Count the Ways

What a terrible idea, 36% counter. First of all, Molly and TJ haven’t had enough time to ponder the news yet and grieve what might have been. They don’t want to rush into anything. Second of all, Kristina has never had a child or been pregnant, so she doesn’t know how she’ll feel about the experience.


And third, Kristina is also embarking on a huge project to save the world…or something. She’s going too busy and distracted. And she won’t have time to deal with Molly’s nutso demands about eating vegan and not watching violent movies.

You Better Think, Kristina Davis

It’s not the worst idea ever, 52% try to find a happy middle ground. But they should all give it a lot more thought. Sam made some valid points. So did Alexis. Even Sonny (Maurice Benard) had some constructive things to say. Kristina should listen to them. And so should Molly. This is a major ask, and if there is any chance of it going wrong, they should think the whole proposal over.