Do Laura And Kevin Collins Even Want To Be New General Hospital Parents?


Who is really the best guardian for Ace on General Hospital?

Little Ace is a hot property on General Hospital. His mother, Esme, wants to keep him. His older brother, Spencer, wants to take him away. His great-uncle Victor would love another heir to manipulate, and we bet his grandmother, Heather, thinks she’s got some claims on the little man, too.

General Hospital: Laura and Kevin Collins With A Newborn?

But, if it were up to the fans, Ace would be raised by his grandmother, Laura (Genie Francis), and his great-uncle Kevin (Jon Lindstrom). Which begs us to ask: Has anyone asked Laura and Kevin if they want to raise a giant newborn?

GH: Lost Years

We get it. Kevin only met his daughter, Livvie (Kelly Monocao — but on Port Charles), as an adult. He never got to raise her. Laura was there for Lucky’s (Jonathan Jackson) birth through his teen years, and for a couple of years with Lulu (Emme Rylan).

But she missed entire decades due to her in and out stints at mental hospitals. It’s tempting to believe that both Laura and Kevin would jump at the chance to raise a child who is biologically related to both of them. And to make up for everything they lost with their older children.


Arguments for the General Hospital Prosecution

Then again, neither Laura nor Kevin is exactly a walking example of mental health. And, considering, the bad genetics Ace comes from, he might require slightly more sane guardians.

Oh, and one more thing. Laura and Kevin are both in their 60s. Laura has a grandson roughly Esme’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) age. Taking care of a baby is really, really hard work. As in physically hard.

Are Laura and Kevin up for waking up multiple times a night? For hunching over and holding a tiny tot’s hand as he learns to walk? For chasing him around to make sure he doesn’t put his fingers in the light socket? Are they up for a rebellious teenager? Will they even be alive to see it? Are Laura and Kevin really the best guardians for Ace, considering all of the above?