Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg Gives Head-Turning Look Inside Bedroom At Illinois Home With Jenny Mccarthy


Even though Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy claim their St. Charles, Illinois, home “isn’t extravagant,” a quick tour of the interior reveals otherwise.

On Thursday, 50-year-old The Masked Singer judge opened the doors to her and her husband’s bedroom, and it is, to put it mildly, astonishing. The fun-loving couple were in the mood as they viewed the Boston Celtics game on television.

But they weren’t content to simply sit back and soak up the basketball; as Jenny revealed, Donnie and their three dogs were dressed up in the team’s colors.

The actor, 53, was sprawled across their oversized bed wearing matching green pants and a bandana with his sunglasses on. The dogs wore little jerseys and were running around excitedly on the bed.

Jenny panned across the expansive room, with its wooden floors to showcase the huge television hanging on their bedroom wall above an opulent fireplace. In the corner of the room, with its black painted walls, was a chic marble desk with a fluffy, white seat.

Jenny gave People a tour of the property in 2019 and showed off the results of several years of renovations. They also regularly give fans a sneak peek at their home on social media.

It boasts several jaw-dropping features including their own golf green, a luxurious, child-friendly pool complete with a grotto, waterfall and slide too.

There’s a huge outdoor space for entertaining and a private nature path too! Donnie spoke about their “little piece of heaven,” when he told People. “We have a little trail we created just to take walks. It has a little Buddha and a fountain and I know that means a lot to Jenny.


“I know if she’s stressed or has worries about Evan or whatever’s going on, that little space is where she can go. We’ve just carved out a little piece of heaven.”

Jenny and the Blue Bloods actor don’t live in their five-bedroom home alone, as her son, Evan, 20 – who was diagnosed with autism as a child – lives with them too. Donnie also has two grown sons, Elijah, 21, and Xavier, 30, from his marriage to his ex-wife, Kimberly Fey.

When they’re all together in the house or entertaining friends, Donnie says they tend to all flock to one particular room. “This is the spot where everyone gathers,” he said about the impressive kitchen with a huge island and succession of high-top stools.

Of course, living lakeside means they spend a lot of time outdoors too. In the clip Jenny shared on Instagram, the kids could also be seen throwing themselves down an enormous slip and slide in their front yard and playing in the pool too.

“This isn’t an extravagant home,” Donnie explained. “But there is no greater symbol of our love for each other than this house and how much love has gone into it.”