Young Sheldon’s Series Finale Killing Off Leonard Would Ruin My Favorite Big Bang Theory Spinoff Idea


Although some viewers suggested that Young Sheldon’s series finale subtly killed off The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard, I’m worried that this theory could ruin the show’s best potential spinoff story. Young Sheldon’s series finale wasn’t perfect, but it did end the spinoff on a high note. The death of George Sr. was appropriately tragic, his funeral and its aftermath foreshadowed the Cooper family’s future, and the glimpse of Sheldon’s life after The Big Bang Theory’s ending was fun. This last subplot also came with some complicated problems thanks to one throwaway line that caught the Internet’s attention.

When Sheldon mentioned Penny babysitting his and Amy’s children in Young Sheldon’s series finale, he didn’t say anything about her husband, Leonard. This led some viewers to argue that Leonard may have died offscreen in the intervening years, a theory that gained traction online after the finale aired. Young Sheldon’s Penny reference makes sense even if Leonard isn’t dead, but the dramatic revelation still captured the imagination of many viewers. I don’t like the sound of this twist, since my favorite potential spinoff of The Big Bang Theory would rely on Johnny Galecki reprising his role as Leonard.

The Big Bang Theory’s Next Generation Wouldn’t Work Without Leonard

The Hit Sitcom’s Sequel Series Needs Johnny Galecki’s Series Veteran

The Big Bang Theory’s creator Chuck Lorre teased another series set in the show’s universe in 2023 before clarifying that the project was only in its infancy and that he wouldn’t go forward with it unless the premise worked. It is not clear what this project would look like, but I have always thought that a spinoff focusing on The Big Bang Theory gang’s children would be a perfect way to return to the world of the series. From undoing Penny’s worst Big Bang Theory characters changes to challenging Sheldon’s character growth, this premise is fun of potential.

While I like the heroes of The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon’s finale proves that Sheldon’s positive character growth didn’t have a lasting impact on his behavior. This was a shame since his growth was hard-won, and I felt like his nonchalant attitude toward his kids betrayed the spirit of his speech in The Big Bang Theory finale. A spinoff of The Big Bang Theory that focused on the now-adult children of the original show’s heroes could address this issue, showing how Sheldon came to terms with having children who were very different from him while also improving other storylines.

The Big Bang Theory’s Next Spinoff Could Follow The Gang’s Children

A Sequel Series Could Work Perfectly Young Sheldon’s Prequel Story

I like the idea of a sequel series for The Big Bang Theory since this show would provide insight into both its new characters and the older versions of the original show’s gang.

Like That ’70s Show’s spinoff That ’90s Show, a sequel to The Big Bang Theory which focuses on the next generation of the gang could build on the original cast’s chemistry while also introducing new heroes. Young Sheldon justified Sheldon’s attitude toward his family and, in the process, The Big Bang Theory’s first spinoff explained how Sheldon became his adult self. In contrast, a sequel series could explore how the original show’s heroes have changed since the series ended. A daughter raised by Howard could have Bernadette’s steely resolve, but also her father’s comically sleazy immaturity from early seasons.

Similarly, Leonard and Penny’s child could be as outgoing and carefree as her mother or as insecure as her father’s younger self. I like the idea of a sequel series for The Big Bang Theory since this show would provide insight into both its new characters and the older versions of the original show’s gang. Since Young Sheldon’s Georgie and Mandy spinoff will still take place before The Big Bang Theory, viewers are overdue for a glimpse into the show’s world after the original series ended. Fortunately, Young Sheldon already showed viewers the potential I’m talking about in its series finale.


Young Sheldon’s Series Finale Already Set Up This Spinoff

Sheldon’s Struggles With His Children Proved Its Potential

Much like That ‘90s Show centers on Eric and Donna’s daughter, The Big Bang Theory ‘s sequel series could focus on Penny and Leonard’s daughter, who could combine their character traits to surprising effect.

The idea that Sheldon had to raise an aspiring actor and a sports enthusiast is full of potential conflict to fuel The Big Bang Theory’s sequel. These represent a perfect contrast to his interests, forcing him to put aside his ego and value whatever helps him bond with his children. Seeing an older Sheldon feign interest in drama and sports sounds hilarious to me, and he’s not the only alumnus from The Big Bang Theory whose children could cause some comical introspection. If Howard’s offspring were as lecherous as him, he might need to reconsider his early-season antics.

The idea of a female-led Big Bang Theory spinoff revealing that Howard and Bernadette’s daughter is effectively a female version of Howard, while Sheldon and Amy’s son is a likable but ditzy jock, would be a hilarious role reversal from the original show. The problem is that this premise would only work if Johnny Galecki’s Leonard was able to reprise his role alongside the rest of the cast. Much like That ‘90s Show centers on Eric and Donna’s daughter, The Big Bang Theory’s sequel series could focus on Penny and Leonard’s daughter, who could combine their character traits to surprising effect.

A Next-Generation Big Bang Theory Spinoff Makes Perfect Sense

This Series Could Address The Original Show’s Shortcomings

If the stars of The Big Bang Theory’s sequel series were mostly female instead of mostly male, as was the case in the original show’s first few seasons, the spinoff could center on historically underrepresented female nerds. Since Young Sheldon gave Sheldon more character focus than ever before, the sitcom franchise is overdue for a female-centric project. Not only that, but a male character similar to The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard would be a predictable, overly familiar lead for the sitcom sequel. This explains why How I Met Your Father changed the protagonist’s gender, refreshing its premise in the process.

Young Sheldon’s Leonard Death Isn’t Canon

The Fan Theory Hasn’t Been Confirmed

Even if the sequel series centers on female characters, I don’t believe that a follow-up to The Big Bang Theory could work without Leonard’s presence. As such, I hope that the next series set in the show’s universe confirms that Leonard is still alive and well. Even Young Sheldon’s best episode needed a cameo from Leonard, so it would be impossible to imagine a direct sequel to the original show that didn’t feature him.

Luckily, Leonard’s potential offscreen demise is only speculation at this point and there are many alternative explanations for Sheldon’s series finale comments. Sheldon might not have mentioned Leonard because he was blaming Penny alone for his daughter’s interest in acting, or Leonard may not have been available when Penny was babysitting. Regardless of the specific explanation, I’m cautiously optimistic about my favorite spinoff idea. The Big Bang Theory’s sequel series can still happen despite that infamous line from Young Sheldon’s series finale.