Young Sheldon Finale Fixes Penny & Leonard’s Most Controversial Arc (5 Years After Tbbt’s Ending)


It’s no secret that Penny and Leonard’s final pregnancy arc in The Big Bang Theory, and luckily, the Young Sheldon finale is able to fix it. Since The Big Bang Theory’s end was decided before it entered its last year, Chuck Lorre and his team were able to craft season 12 to set up a satisfying conclusion for the Pasadena gang. Admittedly, there were issues, particularly with how it handled people’s arcs outside of Sheldon and Amy’s bid for the Nobel Prize In Physics. While the newlyweds’ plot took up the majority of its time, it left others’ arcs ignored.

For what it’s worth, The Big Bang Theory was already ignoring Leonard and Penny for years before the finale. After they tied the knot, the sitcom stagnated their romance, relegating them to side characters when they were the show’s original love line. To make up for it, The Big Bang Theory season 12 introduced Penny and Leonard’s divisive pregnancy arc, where they had conflicting views on having kids. While the Young Sheldon finale suggests that Leonard may be dead, at least it’s able to finally make amends for his and his wife’s divisive send-off.

Penny’s Young Sheldon Finale Reveal Settles Her Decision About Having Kids

In The Big Bang Theory, Penny Was Adamant About Not Wanting Children

The Young Sheldon finale flashforward offers an update about Penny. Ideally, Kaley Cuoco would have made a physical appearance, but that doesn’t happen. Instead, adult Sheldon and Amy’s conversation reveals that they remain friends with Penny in the future since she comes around to babysit their unnamed daughter. This may not sound unusual, considering the Cooper-Fowlers’ relationship with her, but Penny willingly looking after Sheldon and Amy’s kids hints that she was truly happy about becoming a mother despite her initial hesitation.


Otherwise, she wouldn’t take the time to babysit — something that she didn’t do with Howard and Bernadette’s kids.

In The Big Bang Theory, Penny was adamant about not wanting to have kids, but Leonard desired to be a father — to the point that he was willing to be a donor to Zach and Marissa’s child. The show never really spent time showing Penny changing her mind about the matter. Instead, The Big Bang Theory just unceremoniously revealed that they were pregnant in the finale. While Penny seemed happy about it, there were concerns about the twist’s messaging. Even Cuoco came out subsequently, saying that she begged the writers to honor her character’s wishes, but they didn’t.

Can Penny Still Return In The Big Bang Theory Universe After Her Young Sheldon Absence?

The Big Bang Theory Franchise Will Continue, But It’s Unlikely Penny Will Be A Core Character In It

Because the Young Sheldon ending is dominated by George’s funeral, there isn’t time to stage a quasi-The Big Bang Theory reunion. However, bringing in Cuoco for a brief cameo wouldn’t have been difficult to pull off. Now that Young Sheldon is done, the chances of seeing Penny again are very limited to none. If they couldn’t convince the actor to return (assuming that they did) in a show that has direct ties to The Big Bang Theory and is produced by Jim Parsons, then it’s highly unlikely that she will reprise the role in any of the upcoming spinoffs.