Why Married At First Sight’S Becca Wants To Delay The Hard Conversations With Austin: Sneak Peek


In this exclusive Us Weekly sneak peek of the Wednesday, November 29, episode of Married at First Sight, Becca and Austin are getting closer, but the bride is still attempting to keep the hard stuff to herself. Becca says that she normally takes on the difficult tasks first in the video, which shows her holding hands with Austin while they have a heart-to-heart. But as she and Austin get closer, she’s attempting a different strategy, much like getting married before dating.

“In past relationships, I think it’s been my go-to to rush in pretty quickly by way of, like, really deep, hard conversations,” she tells him. “There are topics that are important to me that, when I’ve dated people in the past, I do bring them up right away.”

Austin chuckles, indicating that’s not his approach at all. “To each their own, you know?” he says.

Still, Becca feels more secure in their bond now. “I know that there might be differences there because I was raised Jewish but I’m personally agnostic, but I also know that those differences have caused me such anxiety before in past relationships. And with you, I don’t feel that,” she says.

The couple don’t share a religion, but that doesn’t seem to concern Austin. “I’m just, like, plain old Christian,” he replies. “But my parents didn’t exactly line up on faith, so seeing how they maneuvered those topics, like, I think that is beneficial especially considering we might have differences in those areas.”

“We are aware that we do,” Becca says. “However, there’s so much more there that hasn’t [been] in previous relationships, and I’ve only searched for those similarities, grabbed onto those similarities and used them as a foundation, and it hasn’t worked for me. We will be able to accomplish a lot if we establish a foundation on all of the other facets of our relationship, on all of our other assets, and on everything else.


Austin says they’re on the same page, adding, “I agree 100 percent. I think we are learning how one another communicates, and I think the best way to do that is starting with the small issues and then moving to the big ones.”
Becca continues the conversation by telling her husband that she’s “not extremely worried” about how the “issues” they haven’t talked about might impact their relationship. “I feel like we are strong and I feel like we’re so understanding of each other, and this time will only make that better,” she says.

Becca had to disclose to her new spouse right away about her health problems, including endometriosis and an autoimmune illness that affects her spine, even though they haven’t yet gotten into all the difficult things. The day following the wedding, her loved ones reported she minimizes her excruciating discomfort as they were dining with her. But Austin accepted the news with grace, telling her friends and family that he had earned their respect by promising to do his homework and to get in touch with them if he had any problems.

Married at First Sight season 17 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.