What Time Star Wars: The Acolyte Episode 4 Releases On Disney Plus


The Acolyte episode 4 will build on the mysterious story introduced in the first three installments, making the former’s release time on Disney+ desired information. After The Acolyte premiere’s ending, episode 3 opted to delve into the childhood of Osha and Mae. Showing the tragic events on Brendok from Osha’s perspective, The Acolyte episode 3 fleshed out more of the show’s enigmatic story. Despite the context of Osha’s childhood, The Acolyte episode 3’s unanswered questions have left audiences wanting even more answers.

These answers are expected to be continually provided in The Acolyte’s future episodes, beginning with episode 4. That said, the show has a tendency to string audiences along with the mystery at its center, meaning The Acolyte episode 4 will only be the next installment in a larger story. With elements like The Acolyte’s Sith villain, Mae’s experience on Brendok, and the Jedi Order’s involvement in the entire affair still shrouded in mystery, the release time of The Acolyte episode 4 is coveted information for anyone desiring to continue Star

Wars’ journey into the High Republic Era.

What Time The Acolyte Episode 4 Releases

Like the previous three episodes, The Acolyte episode 4 will be released on Disney+ at 6:00 pm PT, 9:00 pm ET, and 2:00 am BST on June 18. This release time is consistent with The Acolyte’s two-episode premiere, and The Acolyte episode 3. This release time was first established for Star Wars with Ahsoka season 1. With that in mind, other upcoming live-action Star Wars TV shows – like Skeleton Crew – will likely be released at the same time as episodes of The Acolyte.


What To Expect From The Acolyte Episode 4

Two Timelines Of Context Will Coalesce In The Acolyte Episode 4

Interestingly, the story of The Acolyte episode 4 will combine the context clues from two timelines. These timelines include the story told in The Acolyte episodes 1 and 2, and the backstory context provided by The Acolyte episode 3. Everything that has been learned in these three installments will likely come together in a new light in The Acolyte episode 4, potentially providing more sympathy with the likes of Mae and Osha now that their history is known.

Also, The Acolyte episode 4 will likely build on the cliffhanger of the premiere that featured Kelnacca, The Acolyte’s Wookiee Jedi. However, the show switched focus in episode 3, meaning Kelnacca’s fate is unknown after it was confirmed he was next on Mae’s Jedi hit list. As such, The Acolyte episode 4 will likely continue where this left off and focus more on Kelnacca, only with the added context of what happened on Brendok decades earlier.