What Other Real Housewives Have Said About Kyle And Mauricio’S Split


The main Real Housewives plot at the moment is on the breakup of Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky. We have questions about this, and maybe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 will address them. It’s plausible that either Mauricio cheated or Kyle and Morgan Wade had an overly tight friendship. On the other hand, Kyle has only disclosed that her sobriety was a drawback; as for the rest, who knows.

Never fear though, as Kyle’s colleagues have weighed in, as they do. Truly, where there’s a microphone, there’s a reality television star at the ready, as loose Botoxed lips don’t sink Bravo‘s ships, they just help add to the narrative(s). Without further ado, here’s what these chatty Real Housewives have shared on the topic of Kyle and Mauricio’s split.

Lisa Vanderpump

Kyle and Mo used to be close to Lisa Vanderpump. Although their connection tragically ended, Lisa refrained from disparaging her old pals during her time on stage. Rather, Lisa was gracious when Page Six reporters met her at BravoCon. Lisa started off by saying, “I just never believe anything that starts with ‘I heard,'” acknowledging that she had heard the adultery accusations but refusing to take them seriously.

Lisa continued, saying, “I know there was a lot of love between them, and there probably still is. I hope they can get through this. I know she loves him very deeply.” Lisa may no longer be on Real Housewives, nor is she a friend of the Umanskys, but her classy statements made it clear that she still wants the best for Kyle and Mo.

Taylor Armstrong

When Taylor Armstrong appeared on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen got right down to business, questioning Taylor on Kyle and Mo’s split.

“You know how much I love Kyle, and I want Kyle to be happy, and I love them both so much, and I know that they are always going to love each other,” Taylor said, without taking a breath. Though she didn’t reveal much, she did state that she was neutral. A Real Housewives star that refuses to take sides is rare, but we can appreciate Taylor’s couth.

Erica Jayne

Erika Jayne did an interview with Billboard News, where she quickly shut rumors, claiming that Kyle and Mo were not splitting up. “They’re not. I’m going to let Kyle really explain, but they’re not splitting. They have had a very hard time, and they’ve acknowledged that,” Erika explained.

As to what exactly is going on, Erika revealed that Kyle will be explaining herself as this season of RHOBH plays out. Erika refused to say much else about Kyle and Mauricio’s split, stating that she knows how damaging it can be when clueless Real Housewives speak out of turn.

Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley‘s marriage is also on the rocks, so she understands how sensitive this topic is. That said, she had no idea how bad Kyle and Mo’s marriage had become. In fact, Dorit revealed to Access Hollywood that Kyle was a bit “button-lipped” during filming. Therefore, some of the scenes that have recently played back contained new information for Dorit to digest. As for her feelings on Kyle and Mauricio’s split, Dorit is another Real Housewife who isn’t gossiping. Instead, Dorit simply stated “I want them both to be happy.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff


Backgrid reporters caught up with Crystal Kung Minkoff on a date night, where they asked Crystal about her thoughts on Kyle leaving Mauricio for a woman. “Did she leave him for a woman?” Crystal asked, confused. Here, the reporter told Crystal that Mauricio had confirmed their separation, which saw Crystal opening up just a bit more.

“Look here’s the thing…they’ve been together 27 years. I find that a successful relationship. People are very judgmental…if they’re ready to move on, they’re ready to move on,” Crystal shared. When she was asked where the couple currently stood, this Real Housewives star replied, “The last thing I heard, they were working on it.”

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais was also hit by a red carpet reporter that needed tea on Kyle and Mauricio’s separation. “I think it’s sad, I think it’s complicated, and I think things are shifting, Garcelle told Extra. “You’re married 27 years, you know? I feel like there’s a shift…but somethings happening, for sure, she teased.

The reporter went in for the kill at this point, asking Garcelle if there was any truth to the dating rumors involving Mauricio and his Dancing with the Stars partner, Emma Slater. On their end, Mauricio and Emma laughed off these accusations, while Garcelle responded “I have no idea.” However, Garcelle’s facial expressions were loud, so perhaps this Real Housewives star knows more about Kyle and Mo’s split than she’s letting on.

Sutton Stracke

Sutton Stracke was questioned about Mauricio and Emma, who were seen holding hands, while speaking with Page Six via Zoom. “I’ve never seen those images. Everyone knows me. I haven’t seen that since I don’t read all these tabloids and things,” Sutton retorted.

I always hold hands with people, so I was thinking, ‘That could mean anything,'” Sutton remarked after hearing about it this morning. The interviewers laughed about this, but Sutton kept giving Mauricio and Emma the benefit of the doubt. Mauricio, we’re sure, is grateful that Sutton refrained from adding to the speculations that are now circulating around the Real Housewives series.

Teddi Mellencamp

Last and definitely least, Teddi Mellencamp was interviewed by Extra and asked if either Kyle or Mauricio were seeing other people. Teddi laughed and said “I don’t know,” but her face said otherwise. On Kyle’s friendship with Morgan, Teddi answered “we’re all super close friends, and if that’s anything, it’s not something that I’m privy to.” Basically, Teddi is just another Real Housewives star to say one thing about Kyle and Mo’s split, while wearing a face that says something else.

Kathy Hilton

Fans are excited to hear from Kathy Hilton even if she isn’t quite a full-fledged Housewife because of her “friend of” status and her relationship with her sister, Kyle. On the Today Show, Kathy talked about the breakup of Kyle and Mauricio and shared some insight into what her sister is going through. She said, “It just broke my heart when I first saw it.” Even if Mauricio isn’t exactly Kathy’s favorite person, she still has Kyle’s best interests at heart. She murmured, “I just want her to be happy.”

For anyone hoping for Kyle and Mauricio to patch things up, Kathy didn’t have encouraging words. Regarding the possibility of the couple reconciling, Kathy said, “There’s no way that Kyle would have gone this far unless she really thought about it.” It seems like once Kyle’s mind is made up, there’s no going back—and no one knows this better than her sister.