Vanderpump Rules Alum Kristen Doute Shares She Had A Miscarriage


Alumni of Vanderpump Rules When Kristen Doute and her boyfriend Luke Broderick were expecting their first child, she disclosed that she had miscarried. Kristen Doute is talking candidly about a painful past.

The 40-year-old Vanderpump Rules alum and her 32-year-old boyfriend Luke Broderick revealed that they had recently become pregnant and that they had suffered a miscarriage six weeks later when Kristen’s pregnancy turned out to be a blighted ovum, which means that an embryo has not fully developed and is therefore not viable.

“I only feel comfortable talking about this,” Kristen said during the Nov. 26 episode of her and Luke’s podcast Sex, Love, and What Else Matters with Kristen Doute, “because I know so many friends of mine have gone through this. I know so many women have been through this. And it’s really f–king terrifying because you always think, ‘What’s wrong, what did I do wrong? Could I have done something different?’ And my doctor and my friends have told me, inside and out up and down, there’s no cause. They don’t know why.”

Despite the heartache, the couple—who made their romance public in December 2022—is hopeful about the future and trying to find the good in every situation.

“The only silver lining, the fact that we’ve now been digesting this for the last four or five days, is that I know once Luke and I are past this, we can try again,” she said. “And the fact that we became pregnant so quickly was a great blessing for us. We were quite fortunate, since things may have turned out differently for me at my age. I have not frozen my eggs, I have not undergone IVF, and I have not done anything. I simply believe that God has a plan.”

She added, “It was just a really unfortunate thing that happened to us. And i know that we can try fairly soon. And I think that we’re very hopeful to have a very healthy pregnancy the next time around.”


Kristen also noted that they’d only learned their pregnancy was unviable days earlier, adding, “We’re talking about this so f–king lightly right now, I feel like i’m really fresh out of feelings in the moment, because we’ve been dealing with this.”

And for his part, Luke explained that despite the difficulty in sharing this story, they also want to be transparent with their followers.

“It’s hard,” the Colorado native reflected. “And I genuinely can’t believe that we’re putting this out there, but I feel like for our listeners to understand mentally, to understand where we’re at, we have to kind of get this out there.”

During the podcast, Kristen also reflected on the time during which the couple initially found out they were pregnant.

“It was like the happiest time ever,” she recalled. “And I was so scared I was like like, ‘Holy s–t Luke we got pregnant so fast, like are you okay with this?’ And he was so happy. And our families were so happy, and our friends that knew, were so happy.”

Luke went on, “Having everyone’s support and seeing them all happy was wonderful.” Although our current situation stinks, we must attempt to see the bright side of things.”

He is now prepared to support Kristen in any way she need.

“I just know that I have to be your rock here, and I want to,” said Luke. “I desire to be there for you, alongside you. And support you in getting through these difficult times so that you can return to happier days, which I know are not too far off. We’ll succeed in achieving it, and one day we’ll have a fantastic, content family.”