Tom Schwartz Reveals Where He Stands With Katie Flood Today And How Katie Maloney Feels About The Romance


Tom Schwartz of Vanderpump Rules talked about his “chemistry” with the Mediterranean stew from Below Deck. On Winter House Season 3, Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood clicked right away. Despite a few early challenges, such as Tom’s inability to deal with the fact that Katie is named after his ex-wife and fellow cast member Katie Maloney, the couple cemented their relationship with a “full blown makeout” on Episode 4.

Couple that with Tom buying Katie Flood (or “Floody, as he and his castmates have begun to call her) a pair of $300 earrings on Episode 5, and it’s safe to say that the two are in a full-blown “situationship” on Winter House.

Can the same still be said for Tom and Floody today, though? He answered this exact question in a recent interview. Read on to see where the pair stands now.

Are Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood dating after Winter House Season 3?

Not precisely. According to Schwartz’s statement to E! News on November 21, he and Floody are now “really good friends.”

“We haven’t like friend-zoned each other,” Tom continued. “We stay in touch.”

He continued, stating, “She’s obviously beautiful, on the surface, but she has a great sensibility,” as an explanation for why he initially fell in love with Floody. She’s hilarious and self-deprecating. She also exudes a great deal of humility. We had some chemistry and there seemed to be a small spark between us.”


How Katie Maloney Feels About Tom Schwartz and Katie Floody’s Romance

As Tom and Floody’s romance continues to play out on Winter House Season 3, some may be wondering how Katie Maloney feels about it.

The answer, according to Tom, may surprise you.

Tom stated, “She was very supportive.” “Even though we had been apart for a year, I had a sneaking suspicion that she might be irritated or simply unhappy that I had a relationship on video. And once more, a very well-mannered, cordial parting.”

“Okay, there was a few bumps along the way if you watched [Vanderpump Rules] last season,” he joked. But with Katie and myself, it’s all love for the most part. And she’s crushing life right now, and I always cheer for her. It brings me joy to witness her simple flourishing.”

Tom and Katie Maloney’s relationship, on the other hand, will play out on the upcoming 11th season of Vanderpump Rules.