Tom Schwartz Reveals What It Was Really Like To Film Winter House Season 3 Amid Vpr Season 10 Drama


The Vanderpump Rules cast member also revealed if he got mad at Aesha for interrupting his bathroom moment with Katie Flood. All of the Winter House-mates jumped at the opportunity to take an epic two-week vacation in picturesque Steamboat Springs, Colorado for Season 3, but for Tom Schwartz, the ski trip could not have come at a better time.

The trip happened in March 2023, which Bravo viewers might recall as the initial announcement that Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval, stars of Vanderpump Rules, were divorcing after around nine years of together. After Schwartz got to the house, he started dating Katie Flood, a former cast member of Below Deck Mediterranean. Following his appearance on Vanderpump Rules Season 10, he discussed why filming Winter House Season 3 was so “therapeutic” and shared fresh details about his relationship with Katie when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on November 28.

Tom Schwartz Reflects on Filming Winter House Season 3 After Vanderpump Rules Season 10

Though his love life was on major display when he got to Colorado, Schwartz compared the experience of filming Winter House to hitting the “jackpot.” He noted on WWHL that he was “very fragile” when filming began.

“I was very fragile. Yeah, very fragile, and not just the stuff going on with [the] you-know-what of [it] all, but also my family issues,” he said, referring to the effects that Sandoval’s breakup had on Schwartz’s personal and professional life. “I felt like my whole life was falling apart, and I was a complete basket case, to be completely honest with you.”


Once he got the opportunity to spend time with Katie and fellow cast members Brian Benni, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Jordan Emanuel, Casey Craig, Kory Keefer, Malia White, Danielle Olivera, and Alex Propson, Schwartz felt like he was finally able to exhale.

“I feel like I hit a little mini-life jackpot getting to do Winter House,” he added. “It was so therapeutic and warm, and it’s like I got [in] the positivity vortex.”

Though his friendships with the Vanderpump Rules crew change on a regular basis, Schwartz is still very close with his Winter House pals.

“We’re all tight,” he said about the Season 3 cast. “We have a group chat we talk pretty much every day in.”

Tom Schwartz Addresses *That* Bathroom Moment with Katie Flood

The fact that Katie Flood and his ex-wife, Katie Maloney, had the same first and middle name may not have pleased Schwartz, but it didn’t stop the two from having a private time in the bathroom on Season 3, Episode 7. The co-owner of Schwartz & Sandy responded to the WWHL hook-up.

He made a joke about the entanglement, saying, “I mean, you know, what happens at Winter House stays at Winter House, unless it’s in the bathroom.” “Things happened.”

Aesha Scott, the special guest, knocked on the door during their private moment because she needed to use the restroom.

When host Andy Cohen asked Schwartz if he was upset at Aesha for interrupting he said “No.”

“It was actually the comedic relief that we needed. It was hilarious,” Schwartz said. “We talk about it all the time.”