This Blue Bloods Character Is Actually Still Alive, Fan Theory Claims


While Blue Bloods is definitely not known for constantly reviving its characters like Gotham, many fans believe that one of the deceased Reagans is still alive and well.

His death is what started the show in the first place: after he got murdered during the Blue Templars investigation sometime before season 1, the Reagans got much more invested in this case and finally shut down the secret organization, avenging Joe.

Despite Detective Sonny Malevsky confessing he killed Joe, there’s much room to work with. When Malevsky thought Joe was dead, he could’ve missed the part where he had to finish him off.

If that was the case, Joe could’ve been saved by the forces and stabilized. But why did the Reagan family never learn about it?

According to a Reddit fan theory, after Joe was rescued, he was enrolled into the witness protection program by the FBI to ensure the success of the Blue Templars’ case in court.

Hence, Joe Reagan was never able to let his family know that he survived, and they had to live through the tragedy of losing him.

Were Joe Sr. to resurface any time soon, it would’ve added quite a lot to the series — especially after his son Joe Hill’s appearance.

After so much time and that tough of a grievance, Joe Reagan could shake the entire family up dramatically and add that extra tension to the Sunday family dinners, couldn’t it?

While the majority of the Blue Bloods fans aren’t buying into this theory, it could actually provide an amazing plot for one of the next seasons — and the show definitely needs a strong and engaging storyline right now.

Joe Reagan’s sudden reappearance could create enough material for an entire season.

From exploring the behind-the-scenes story of the investigation into the Blue Templars to potentially working with the FBI, Joe Reagan could have one too many breathtaking stories to tell at the table.

His mysterious arrival may sound far-stretched now, but if the writers follow this fan theory, we could end up with the greatest Blue Bloods season of the past few years, that’s for sure.