This 15-Second Hotd Scene Continues A Brutal Rhaenyra & Syrax Trend (& It’S Great)


One brief scene from the House of the Dragon season 2 premiere continues an emotional trend with Rhaenyra and Syrax, and it’s fantastic. After the brutal House of the Dragon season 1 ending, season 2 picks up with Rhaenyra traveling to Storm’s End to grieve for her dead son, Lucerys. This sequence shows her contemplating the next steps toward war, with the Dance of the Dragons now inevitable after the Greens have drawn first blood. But the HBO prequel series excels in its details, and there’s more there to break down.

There are many dragons in House of the Dragon, including prominent new ones that season 2 will introduce, like Sunfyre and Moondancer. Syrax is perhaps the most notable in the series due to its distinct gold scales and the she-dragon’s loyal relationship with Rhaenyra. She’s not the biggest dragon, compared to the far more enormous Vhagar or even Daemon’s Caraxes, but a powerful bond between dragon and rider can go a long way.

Syrax Feeling Rhaenyra’s Pain Over Luke’s Death Mirrors House Of The Dragon Season 1

HOTD Explores The Emotional Connection Between Dragon & Rider

When Rhaenyra finds her son’s body in the season 2 premiere, Syrax cries out in pain along with her, showing how powerful their bond is. It’s devastating to see the animal upset along with her rider, but it’s not the first time. During Rhaenyra’s miscarriage in the season 1 finale, the show intercuts to see Syrax in pain, demonstrating the synchronization between dragon and rider. The mystique of the dragons is endlessly compelling in George R.R. Martin’s book universe, and House of the Dragon explores it fantastically.


The dragons in House of the Dragon aren’t sentient like they are in many other fantasy universes, so it’s not entirely clear what they’re thinking. Yet, they seem to connect with their riders like dogs or other domesticated animals might. The scene also has an added layer in that Lucerys’ dragon, Arrax, is commonly believed to be Syrax’s son, as Syrax is shown breeding eggs in season 1, and it would make sense that they go to Rhaenyra’s children. So Syrax could be grieving with Rhaenyra and also for her own son, who was lost in the same conflict.

Why Showing Rhaenyra & Syrax’s Shared Pain And Grief Is So Important

The Dragons Are Vital Characters In The Show’s Civil War, Making Their Emotions Equally Important

The relationship between dragon and rider is a profound phenomenon in George R.R. Martin’s universe. It’s not measured by any scientific factors and is purely established by an inexplicable emotional bond that can only be broken by death. Rhaenyra and Syrax’s shared grief is incredibly powerful to see and adds to the emotional weight to the dragons as their own individual characters, adding even more complexity to the war and conflict in House of the Dragon.