Meemaw & Dale’s Fate After Young Sheldon’s Ending Was Already Hinted At In Big Bang Theory


The Young Sheldon finale leaves Dale and Meemaw’s fate uncertain, but The Big Bang Theory already hinted at their future. George’s death and the fallout from it dominate the first half of the series capper, with the Coopers struggling to accept the unexpected loss of their patriarch. Each member of the family copes differently with their grief, including Meemaw and Dale, who may not be blood-related to Sheldon’s dad but were part of the extended clan. With Mary volatile and Georgie doing his best, the family is lucky to have the couple providing help throughout the whole ordeal.

Beyond their ties to the core Cooper family, however, Meemaw and Dale have their own arcs. This is part of Young Sheldon diversifying its storytelling from being only about Sheldon to giving its primary cast their respective plots. Connie’s love life has always been part of her storyline in the prequel, but she has not been in a steady relationship since her adorable but brief dalliance with Dr. Sturgis. Since rekindling her romance with Dale, however, Young Sheldon opted to keep them together until the series’ end. However, it doesn’t offer any idea about what lies ahead of them.

Meemaw Talked About Being Married In Her The Big Bang Theory Cameo

Connie May Be Marrying Dale After Young Sheldon.

Because of the limited screen time in the final half hour of the Young Sheldon finale, it isn’t able to give the rest of the characters their proper send-off, since the focus is on Sheldon’s move to California. The boy genius’ farewell to his family isn’t even shown on-screen. The last thing revealed about Meemaw and Dale is that they continue to live together, with no indication that it’s changing anytime soon. Despite that, The Big Bang Theory already teased what’s next for the couple when Meemaw visited Sheldon in Pasadena for the first and last time.

This hints that after Young Sheldon , Connie and Dale get married.


June Squibb’s Meemaw talked about how she knew “how to live with a stubborn, egotistical man, then you’re wrong… cause that was my husband” during her conversation with Amy. T

his hints that after Young Sheldon, Connie and Dale get married. Granted that Meemaw was previously married, it would seem unlikely for her not to just simply name-drop Sheldon’s Popop if she were referring to him. Tying the knot would also make her and Dale’s lives easier since they are bound by law. In any case, they are already living with each other, and Meemaw once confesses that she loves him.

Can Meemaw & Dale Still Return After Young Sheldon?

The Young Sheldon Timeline Will Continue Via Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage.

Annie Potts has been vocal about her criticisms about Young Sheldon’s cancelation. It’s worth noting that the franchise isn’t totally going away with the end of the prequel, however, since Georgie and Mandy’s spinoff titled Georgie And Mandy’s First Marriage will take over its spot come the 2024-2025 TV season. Aside from its lead stars, no other Young Sheldon core cast is confirmed to be involved, but Meemaw and Dale are best positioned to at least make a guest appearance.

Both were very helpful to the couple when they first learned that they were unexpectedly pregnant. Meemaw even opened up her house for Mandy after she was kicked out by her parents, not to mention that Baby Cece is named after Georgie’s maternal grandmother. It would be odd not to acknowledge that in Georgie And Mandy’s First Marriage, since it will also be set in Medford, and take place just a couple of months after the events of Young Sheldon.