That Was Intentional’: Young Sheldon Ep Explains Big Change For Jim Parsons’ Older Sheldon


Young Sheldon executive producer Steve Molaro comments on a key change for the older Sheldon Cooper in the series finale.

Jim Parsons was back on the screen as Sheldon Cooper for the series finale of Young Sheldon. Though Parsons had served as the narrator on Young Sheldon, this was the first time he had physically portrayed the role of Sheldon Cooper on-screen since The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019.

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was known for often wearing shirts with comic book references. Executive producer Steve Molaro has now explained in a new interview with Glamour why Parsons’ Sheldon was not in the same get-up for his return in Young Sheldon, which was intentionally done as a way of showcasing the character’s evolution. Molaro pointed out how Sheldon may have still needed some encouragement from Amy (Mayim Bialik) in order to finally stop wearing the comic-related apparel.

“I remember us thinking we didn’t want Sheldon in the typical comic book store shirts,” Molaro sarid. “He’s a dad now, and we wanted him to be a little more mature. We figured Amy might have encouraged him to no longer wear that, or hidden them all. It was nice that he has on a long-sleeved sweater that he pushed up the sleeves a little bit to sort of evoke the old Sheldon vibes from Big Bang. That was intentional. Mayim was happy with what Amy was wearing and thought it was right. And those were Mayim’s personal glasses.”


“I remember us thinking we didn’t want Sheldon in the typical comic book store shirts. He’s a dad now, and we wanted him to be a little more mature.”

Molaro also commented on Sheldon and Amy’s home as seen in the Young Sheldon finale. The goal was to make it clear that the two have since moved and that they’re not in the same apartment from The Big Bang Theory. However, there were still efforts made to have the new home feel reminiscent of the old apartment.

Sheldon and Amy’s New Home Explained.

“I would like people to understand that they’re not looking at the apartment, but the wood tones of the room are similar enough,” Molaro said. “Chuck [Lorre] was like, ‘We should show a house and make it clear they’ve moved,’ but there is absolutely a familiar feeling to it. The desk is wood, and the walls have a similar wood vibe. I’m glad we at least tried to make it clear.”

The story of Young Sheldon will branch out with a new spinoff series, Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage, which comes to CBS in the Fall.