Star Wars: The Acolyte Episode 7 Release Date & Time


The Acolyte episode 7 will hopefully answer many questions the show has raised, causing its release time on Disney+ to be much-coveted information. The ending of The Acolyte episode 6 continued to dangle reveals and answers in front of viewers, raising the anticipation for the final two episodes. Even before that, however, the show offered up glimpses of what could be possible concerning Sith vs. Jedi lightsaber battles in The Acolyte episode 5, making the potential action sequences of the last two episodes of season 1 even more exciting.

While the frustrating pacing of episode 6 brought to light some of The Acolyte’s narrative problems, the tension built around the final two episodes is palpable. From the promise of flashbacks that reveal The Acolyte episode 3’s biggest unanswered questions to the development of the mysterious Qimir, the concluding episodes of The Acolyte season 1 are set to make or break the show as a whole. As such, The Acolyte episode 7’s release time will be desired by many, as will the potential story audiences may get to see.

What Time Will The Acolyte Episode 7 Release?

The Acolyte Episode 7’s Release Time Remains Consistent

Following the previously established release plan, The Acolyte episode 7 will be released on Disney+ at 6:00 pm PT, 9:00 pm ET, and 2:00 am BST. This release time is consistent with all six prior episodes of The Acolyte. On June 4, the two-episode premiere of The Acolyte released at the aforementioned times. Since then, each subsequent episode has followed the same release schedule, with The Acolyte episode 7 continuing the trend on July 9.

What Happened In The Acolyte Episode 6?

The Acolyte Episode 6 Left The Show’s Final Two Episodes Finely Poised

Before exploring The Acolyte episode 7, it is worth recapping what happened in The Acolyte episode 6. The Jedi massacre of The Acolyte episode 5 marked a major turning point in the series; Yord and Jecki were unceremoniously killed, and Qimir was unmasked as the mysterious Stranger practicing the ways of the Sith. After the many lightsaber duels and Jedi deaths in The Acolyte episode 5, Mae and Osha switched places as Master Sol reckoned with events, leading to an interesting albeit exasperating story in The Acolyte episode 6.

Qimir Began His Corruption Of Osha

Undoubtedly, the most compelling aspect of The Acolyte episode 6 was the story of Qimir and Osha. After the latter switched places with Mae, she was subject to spending time with Qimir on a faraway planet. Through a flirtatiously antagonistic connection, Qimir began sowing seeds of doubt in Osha’s mind about the Jedi Order. Not only did The Acolyte episode 6’s Qimir reveals prove that he was once a Jedi himself, but he also began to probe Osha about why she left the Order.

Qimir stoked Osha’s anger and resentment by endlessly questioning her on why she failed the Jedi, doing so with notable Sith manipulation. While asking Osha why she left the Jedi, he reminded her of the Jedi’s inability to hold attachments and the one-sided relationships she formed with members of the Order. This eventually culminated in Osha’s anger overflowing, stating that she failed. Qimir’s corruption then sinks deeper, with the Stranger telling Osha that only after they lose everything can they finally be free.

Master Sol Promised To Finally Tell Mae The Truth

On the other side of The Acolyte episode 6’s story were Mae and Sol. This storyline was admittedly more frustrating than Osha and Qimir’s, primarily due to the murky, unclear motivations of Mae since The Acolyte episode 4. Despite trying to kill Sol in The Acolyte episode 6, Mae was continuously interrupted by power outages, ship issues, the ever-vigilant Basil, and Sol himself. Throughout the episode, Mae confronted Sol about the events on Brendok, and why the Jedi had not yet told her – or Osha – what really happened that night.


Sol states that he has spent 16 years figuring out what he would say to Mae if he had the chance, before telling her that he will finally explain what happened on Brendok…

At one point, Sol almost told Mae what happened on Brendok before being interrupted. However, after discovering her deceit, Sol stunned Mae and handcuffed her on his ship. Sol states that he has spent 16 years figuring out what he would say to Mae if he had the chance, before telling her that he will finally explain what happened on Brendok. As Sol states this, the episode ends, promising big things for The Acolyte episode 7.

The Acolyte Episode 7 Is Expected To Be Another Flashback

The Shrouded Events On Brendok Will Finally Come To Light

Thanks to The Acolyte episode 6’s ending, The Acolyte episode 7 is expected to reveal what happened when Osha and Mae were children. The conversation between Sol and Mae, as well as Osha communing with the Force by donning The Acolyte’s Sith helmet, positions The Acolyte episode 7 as a flashback episode. For the first time since The Acolyte episode 3, the show will return to Brendok and explain exactly what happened on the planet that set the events of the series into motion.

Some other behind-the-scenes elements support this. For one, The Acolyte episode 7 is directed by Kogonada, the filmmaker responsible for directing The Acolyte episode 3. As such, it is likely the director will provide audiences with the missing half of the story he told on Brendok, detailing the deaths of the witch coven and how Mae’s seemingly small fire resulted in the destruction of the entire fortress. This will undoubtedly answer several of the mysteries that were left behind in The Acolyte episode 3, giving more context to the entire story before episode 8’s finale.

One thing that has endlessly been teased about Brendok’s tragic events is the Jedi’s involvement. Masters Sol, Indara, Kelnacca, and then-Padawan Torbin undoubtedly had something to do with the destruction on Brendok, which The Acolyte episode 7 is expected to reveal. Similarly, how Qimir fits into things is expected to be touched on. It is entirely possible that Qimir was on Brendok all those years ago, trying to harness the Power of Two from the witches, which itself was mentioned as an Acolyte episode 6 Easter egg by Qimir.

Finally, The Acolyte episode 7’s flashbacks will delve further into the mystery of the Sith. Despite revealing more about Qimir, it is still unclear whether he is a Sith Lord, apprentice, or even a Sith at all. With The Acolyte originally billed as an exploration of the Sith infiltration that leads to Palpatine’s plan in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, more about the wider motivations of the dark-siders will likely be revealed in The Acolyte episode 7 when it releases on Disney+ at 6:00 pm PT, 9:00 pm ET, and 2:00 am BST on July 9.