Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 13, Episode 5: Sutton Becomes Suspicious Of Kyle


Sutton Stracke accused Erika Jayne last week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills of planning an awkward elevator apology. Erika was able to publicly humiliate Sutton since her Magic Mike Live pals were conveniently located in the elevator.

After that, Sutton and Kyle Richards had a meeting that turned tense over how frequently Sutton loses her sh*t. Name ’em, Sutton famously instructed her RHOBH co-star. Call them by name. Sutton was strange, even though I adore her. Let’s get straight to the recap for the fifth episode of season 13 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: “Sutton-ly Doubting.”

What is going on with Kyle and Sutton?

After Kyle named Sutton’s history of losing her cool, she admitted that she was upset. Sutton fired back. “You seem unhinged,” she said. Of course, that was what Kyle said about Sutton when they were leaving Vegas. Kyle asked Sutton what was going on with her. Sutton flipped it back on Kyle, asking what was going on with her. In her confessional, Sutton said of Kyle, “Your life is perfect. You live in a fortress, on top of a very, very high pedestal.”

Kyle quickly left after telling Sutton that she loved her and that they would chat at a later date. Kyle hit the road because her co-star “was out of her mind right now.”

Mommy dearest

Erika shared that she and her mom have had their ups and downs. There were even times when Erika didn’t speak with her mother. Erika’s mom spends a couple of days each year with her in Los Angeles. While Erika is 52 years old, her mother, Renee, is 70 years old. They have more of a sibling dynamic than a mother-daughter relationship. In fact, Erika would go clubbing with her mom and have a drink at 14 or 15 years old. Wow.

Erika’s parents will be staying with her during her visit because of a change in circumstances. Erika was horrified.

When Erika was in Chicago on Broadway, her mother even made an unexpected appearance. It seemed to Erika like a “ambush.” Before this, they had not spoken for a full year. They even disagreed on why Erika had hung up on her before they became estranged. Erika Girardi, the wife of her divorced husband, was “MIA” and trying to perform in Chicago. Erika quickly interrupted Renee’s queries when she inquired about the number of times she had visited Tom’s company. Erika doesn’t want to talk about that on camera, after all.

Crystal’s family drama

Crystal Kung Minkoff’s husband, Rob Minkoff, traveled back to China with her brother, Jeff. Jeff planned to see his ex-fiancée, Vivi. Three years ago, Jeff and Vivi were engaged and living in China. Once the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Crystal and her mother were worried about Jeff. They persuaded him to come back to the United States, but Vivi couldn’t come. The couple eventually split up because of the distance.

Rob told Crystal that Jeff wasn’t over Vivi, and regretted his decision to leave her. When Rob brought up the idea that Crystal felt competitive with Vivi over her brother, she was pissed. She claimed to know what was best for Jeff. Crystal FaceTimed Jeff, and he had been crying. Rob prompted her to share how she feels badly about what happened.

Meeting Santos

Sutton and her friend, Jennifer Tilly, were going to meet her horse, Santos. She picked him out online to the tune of $47,000. Sutton brought him a wreath with roses. After feeding Santos, the ladies had lunch and toasted to him.

Sutton explained her current situation with Kyle. Sutton mentioned how she asked Kyle if there was something “going on” with her. The boutique owner mentioned Kyle’s weight loss, working out on vacation, and being sober. But, Sutton also hasn’t seen Kyle’s wedding band. Sutton was concerned because there was a tabloid rumor about Mauricio Umansky cheating on Kyle. She felt like the math was adding up.


Garcelle’s screening

Garcelle Beauvais held a screening for her movie, Black Girl Missing. Garcelle was not only executive producing but also acting in the movie. The message, about the lack of media coverage and compassion when Black people go missing, is important to Garcelle. Garcelle was pumped while getting ready for the screening. While Kyle was doing her makeup, she downloaded Dorit Kemsley about her weird visit with Sutton.

Kyle knew that Sutton was referencing the rumors about her marriage. Dorit felt like Sutton was threatening Kyle. Slow your roll, Dorit. I didn’t hear anything threatening. But I’m living for Sutton’s impersonation of Erika at the “hellevator.”

Dorit was struggling

While an aggravated Dorit waited in the car, Sutton was being photographed for social media posts. Y’all, her boutique needs the exposure. Dorit scolded Sutton for “being really late.” We all know that Dorit is always punctual. Insert eye roll. Anyway, Sutton apologized. When Sutton told Dorit that about 100 people were coming, Dorit immediately became nervous. Crowds made her feel anxious. If she isn’t able to prepare herself, it triggers her.

I think Garcelle will be hearing more about this later. On the way inside, Sutton held Dorit’s arm. She feels sympathetic because she had no idea Dorit’s PTSD was still affecting her so deeply. When someone startled her, she jumped.

A class act

Bravo, insider At the screening were Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen and Jerry O’Connell. Garcelle, in the meantime, informed Jax that Erika would be present and that he ought to talk to her. Jax enlisted Crystal’s assistance to go up to her. Last season, when Erika began shouting at Jax, Crystal was beside him.

Jax apologized to Erika and assured her there were no hard feelings. Erika referred to him as “a class act.” That is seconded by me. Garcelle expressed her pride in him to him. Then, unexpectedly, Denise Richards entered and startled Garcelle. The women were all giddy with happiness for Garcelle and adored the movie.

Sutton has a suspicious mind

Sutton went to join Kyle to discuss how Kyle rushed out of her home. Kyle referred to Sutton as “so aggressive.” She told Kyle that she was calm that night. Kyle disagreed. Sutton didn’t want Kyle to say the words, “You were off.” Sutton thought that the person who had “something off” was Kyle. And Sutton felt like Kyle didn’t “respect” her. Kyle dismissed her feelings. Which pretty much proved Sutton’s theory.

The Southern belle asked if Kyle was upset with her about Kathy Hilton. Sutton and Kathy were friends, and Kyle was on the outs with her big sister, Kathy. The Season 12 reunion, and Lisa Rinna, left their sisterly bond in tatters. Sutton believed that Kyle was jealous.

Kyle? Jealous? Never! “This is a love triangle gone awry,” Sutton said in her confessional.

Kyle explained to Sutton that she knew that she was referencing rumors about Kyle’s marriage. Sutton responded that Kyle is different than last year. She was also puzzled about why Kyle wouldn’t confide in her. Just more signs that their friendship was not on track. “This friendship is a farce,” Sutton stated in her confessional.

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