Pauley Perrette Reunites With Longtime NCIS Co-Star Years After Exiting As Abby In New Photos


New adorable photos show Pauley Perrette reuniting with her longtime NCIS co-star after she exited the police procedural. The actor played Abby Sciuto, the beloved Major Case Response Team’s (MCRT) forensic scientist for a decade and a half. She was part of the original NCIS cast, joining Mark Harmon’s Gibbs, Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo, David McCallum’s Ducky, and Sasha Alexander’s Kate. While the project was already used to departing cast members by then, Perette’s NCIS exit was controversial because of the behind-the-scenes drama that led to it.

The pair both attended Sarah McLachlan’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl and made sure to commemorate it with some pictures. Perrette and Dietzen were joined by Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangsness, who plays Penelope Garcia in the ongoing Paramount+ revival.

Will Perrette Return As Abby Sciuto In NCIS Season 22?

MCRT Can Use Some Of Abby’s Skills

It’s worth noting that none of the original cast members were in NCIS season 21. Despite being introduced early on, Dietzen wasn’t part of the show’s inaugural ensemble. However, he and Perrette worked together closely during their overlapping years in the series, considering the nature of Abby and Palmer’s jobs. Perrette left in NCIS season 15, with Abby’s decision to walk away from her long-term job stemming from a traumatic experience that put her life in jeopardy. In reality, however, it was her issues with Mark Harmon that prompted her to leave.

For context, she only seemed to have an issue with Harmon, which is backed up by her latest friendly encounter with Dietzen.

Regardless of the way that she exited NCIS, CBS executives have recently revealed that the door is always open for Perrette to return if she wishes to. For context, she only seemed to have an issue with Harmon, which is backed up by her latest friendly encounter with Dietzen. Since Gibbs is no longer a part of MCRT, the actor can now more easily reprise her role as Abby in NCIS season 22. Regardless of what happened between them, coming back to the CBS police procedural means that she won’t have to work with Harmon.

Perhaps Dietzen can convince her to do even just a cameo. NCIS season 21 already brought back Weatherly’s DiNozzo, and as brief as that was, it was a treat seeing him back in the iconic Navy Yard offices. Since Abby was on the show for longer, it’s safe to say that seeing her step back into her old workplace, particularly her laboratory, would be a treat for longtime followers of the procedural.

Should NCIS Bring Back Abby Despite Kasie Hines’ Existence?

Hines Is Currently MCRT’s Forensic Scientist

Considering Abby’s special expertise, NCIS could always use someone like her in its operation. Since she worked under Director Leon Vance for the majority of her years in the agency, it shouldn’t be difficult to convince him to bring her in as additional support, if Perrette cannot reprise the role full-time. Kasie Hines, as the current MCRT forensic scientist, is great, but it would be difficult to find anyone who would oppose Abby coming back, regardless of the circumstances surrounding her return. Abby’s Ducky tribute episode Easter egg was a reminder of how missed she is down in the basement.


If Vance is on their side, they may not even have to declare Abby as anything but a consultant or even a visitor to the agency.
In any case, Abby’s return doesn’t mean that she’s going to reclaim her old spot and push Kasie out. Kasie has spent enough time building up her place within the team, making her a key part of the current operation. Chances are, Abby’s appearance could be just for a limited time frame, brought on by a crisis or a personal case. If Vance is on the team’s side, they may not even have to declare Abby as anything but a consultant or even a visitor to the agency.

How Pauley Perrette’s Abby Can Return To NCIS

There Are A Couple Of Ways That NCIS Can Bring Back Abby

There are a couple of ways for NCIS to recruit Abby back. For starters, she can easily come back to MCRT as another forensic scientist. Perhaps the organization is working on a much bigger case that would need more personnel. This would provide an opportunity to show how she and Hines collaborate. Otherwise, they could also mine inspiration from Ziva David’s last NCIS comeback, and tackle a case that is directly tied to her, effectively involving her. Tim McGee, Nick Torres, and Palmer would be eager to help her and keep her safe from any kind of threat.

Secondly, and maybe a much easier route, is for her to return via the upcoming NCIS: Tony And Ziva spinoff. The Weatherly and Cote de Pablo project will be on Paramount+ and see the couple, with their daughter Tali, go on the run across Europe. Details about what led to this dire situation are still scant at the moment, but assuming that Abby is still in London, it wouldn’t be that difficult for them to meet up with her. Abby adored both Tony and Ziva in NCIS, so she would likely be really happy to help them in their time of need.