One NCIS Spinoff So Underrated, Fans Want To See It Back


One mistake led to too much trouble.

NCIS: New Orleans, which ran for seven seasons on CBS until 2021, has to be one of the most scandalous installments in a franchise. Created by Gary Glasberg, the show has gone through 5 showrunners in 7 years, which has led to many rumors, a few investigations, and a lot of behind-the-scenes drama.

However, what remains obvious to the cast is that even with all that baggage, NCIS: NOLA was one of a kind compared to all the other spinoffs, and it managed to maintain quality even when circumstances weren’t in the show’s favor.

Why Did NCIS: New Orleans Got Canceled?

As the NCIS franchise continues to grow rapidly, introducing two more spinoffs, both of which finally break the location-based formula, fans cannot help but reflect on all the other shows created and canceled over the years. By 2024, the franchise will have spawned four spinoffs, including one international spinoff.

NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: Hawaiʻi and NCIS: Sydney all had a special twist to them, but only one of the most recent Australian-based shows managed to get a renewal in 2024. After the introduction of NCIS: Tony & Ziva and NCIS: Origins, viewers were satisfied enough not to riot for them to continue.

However, if there is one spinoff that longtime NCIS fans would like to see revived, it is NCIS: New Orleans. Despite being at the center of a scandal over and over again, thanks largely to one of the showrunners, Brad Kern, the team behind the show managed to maintain the same quality and keep viewers hooked.


“It only has 7 seasons (which it definitely needs more) and every episode had so much in it. The plot twists, and emotions, the writing, everything is just always good. And even though there was a lot of drama and scandals coming from the set, it still doesn’t make the show bad, the show is amazing,” Redditor Viridian_Ryth shared.

Many other fans agreed, calling NCIS: New Orleans the best of all the franchise’s installments. In theory, the show could have been revived with a different showrunner. In practice, however, the plummeting ratings were just the icing on the cake of many struggles the show faced over the years.

The unfortunate chain of events led to one of the best NCIS shows in terms of quality ending too soon, but reviving it now would involve too many compromises that not many people would want to make. The good news is that NCIS: New Orleans is available for streaming any day now on Paramount Plus.