NCIS Upcoming Spinoff Makes A Grave Main Character Mistake Before Release


NCIS ’ universe is getting bigger as the show has been confirmed to release yet another spinoff that this time will focus on Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ professional and personal story.

The series’ production presumably hasn’t started yet, though the first promo image has already been released and some fans are not very happy about the main character’s look.

According to many viewers, NCIS: Origins’ creators seem to have completely overlooked the character’s physical trait that surprisingly made his personality stand out in the original show.

NCIS’ upcoming prequel centring on Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs is gradually piecing together as the show is getting its preps for the production. Coming under the name NCIS: Origins, the series will take the viewers back to 1991 showing Gibbs, this time portrayed by younger actor Austin Stowell, at the very start of his NCIS agent’s career.

While CBS is all excited to find a substitute for the canceled NCIS: Hawaii’s time slot, some fans don’t seem to be that enthusiastic after the show’s execs released its first promo image.

The NCIS: Origins’ image gives a first look at Stowell as young Gibbs, and though the actor seems to be a good fit for the show, something in there still doesn’t look quite right. Some fans were quick to point out that, surprisingly, it’s Stowell’s hairstyle that spoils the whole impression of the character’s younger version.


The original series in fact features Mark Harmon with a constant short haircut while Austin Stowell’s promo debut clearly shows that he’s wearing long hair.

It still may seem to be a pointless observation to many of those who are not quite familiar with the original show, but Gibbs’ look change is actually a big deal. Throughout NCIS’ whole run, Mark Harmon’s Gibbs proved himself as a stoic leader, a wise mentor and a man of imperturbable moral principles.

The character became the show’s immediately recognized figure due to the strict rules that Gibbs invariably followed. However weird it may sound, these strict rules were also applicable to his physical look manifesting themselves mostly in Gibbs’ short haircut that he never changed ever since the beginning of the show.

The character’s hairstyle thus became something that guaranteed his firm beliefs no matter what would come in his way.

As there’s no news about NCIS: Origins’ production start yet, the chances are that the creators may right this wrong and make it up to Gibbs’ determined personality in such a bizarre way.