NCIS Season 22 Is Happening (And We’ll Get It Back In Fall 2024)


With the way everything ended in NCIS Season 21, we are ready for more. The good news is we don’t have too long to wait for NCIS Season 22.
Things took quite a turn in the NCIS Season 21 finale. Choices had to be made, and people had to be saved.
Now we’re ready for more. We want to see the team back in action. The good news is we’re not waiting too long for the new season. NCIS Season 22 is officially happening, and it’s coming in 2024.

CBS confirms a fall 2024 premiere for NCIS Season 22
The NCIS Season 22 premiere will happen in the fall. This is what we expected to see, but we had to wait for the May Upfronts for CBS. They took place on Thursday, May 2, and we got to know when our favorite shows would return.
NCIS Season 22 will continue to air in the Monday 9/8c timeslot on the network. This makes sense considering it remains a popular show on the network. While the show has seen a dip in the linear ratings with the move to Monday, it is still one of the most-watched shows on the network and it is a strong performer on Mondays across the whole of broadcast.
It will be followed by another NCIS series, but sadly, it’s not Hawaii. That series remains canceled, with CBS bringing in a new series to the franchise. It’s all about the Young Gibbs series, NCIS: Origins.


Will the series really premiere in fall 2024?
Of course, CBS did set some fall dates for the 2023–2024 season. Then we had to wait until February 2024 for the shows to come back. Is that going to happen this time? Definitely not.
The wait last year was linked to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that took place throughout the summer months. This delayed the writing and production of the shows, and nothing could start up until the fall. This pushed premiere dates back, and CBS had to rework its fall schedule.
There is no need for something like that to happen again. The contracts are now back in place, and writing can start up as normal soon. Production is likely to start up in July, which is usually when we see broadcast shows return to production.
We’re looking at a mid-to-late-September premiere date for this series. It’s usually shortly after the 20th of the month.