NCIS season 21 finale recap: Did Jessica Knight take the job?


Vance offered Jessica Knight a major career opportunity. But did she take it? Find out what happened in the season 21 finale in our recap.
NCIS season 21 certainly ended with an answer as to whether Jessica Knight would be taking a job elsewhere and leave her life with the team and with Jimmy Palmer. Let’s take a dive into what happened!
The team was sent to investigate when three bodies were found in a ship that was due to be sunk and turned into an artificial reef. The U.S.S. Goodell had been the subject of a news interview when the bodies were discovered

While none of the bodies in question were Navy, the team still needed to investigate because of where they were found. They found the wife of one of the victims, Tommy Mackin, and spoke to her. Susan told the team that he gambled and pointed them in the direction of his bookie, Sammy.
In the middle of the investigation, Jessica got a job offer from Vance at Camp Pendleton. She was the top candidate to be a REACT Training Officer, something that she applied for when she first lost her team. However, there’s a lot to consider especially with her relationship with the team and Jimmy.
In a bid to protect himself, Jimmy got upset and lashed out, thinking it would be better to end things than lose someone else. Jessica never said anything about breaking up, but it felt like one to her.
While driving with Parker, he noticed that they missed some evidence at the crime scene and went back to the ship. But while they were down there, someone locked them inside to prevent them from escaping. Unfortunately, Parker got hit with some sort of beam, leaving him injured and bleeding once Jessica got the strength to pull the beam off his leg.
The team finally figured out they were missing when their phone calls went unanswered. Then the car they were in was found outside Sammy’s home. However, he wasn’t responsible and the team realized Tommy’s wife was framing him.


They caught her just as she was escaping with her Uncle Lacey, who was also part of the crime when she called him for help. One of the victims was having an affair with her husband and they ended up dead during a confrontation. The third victim, Cedric, was killed when Susan hit him with her vehicle.
Knowing where Jessica and Parker were, the team made it in time to rescue them and get Parker to the hospital. While Parker was in and out of consciousness, he saw a little girl named Lily running. But when asked later, he denied knowing who it was.
Eventually, Jessica had to give Vance her answer. She decided to take the job at Camp Pendleton,
Does this mean Katrina Law is leaving NCIS? She didn’t have much to say about that in an interview. But there is always hope that there will be a way we can still see her. Plus, some distance may be good for her and Jimmy so they can figure out how to spread their wings and be ready for each other once they work through their individual needs.
All of this to say is that this was a cliffhanger to remember and we are already looking forward to what the next season will bring.