NCIS Season 21 Already Gave Us The Perfect Jessica Knight Replacement


NCIS season 21 already offered the perfect replacement for Katrina Law’s Jessica Knight. Agent Knight implied that she was departing the MCRT after accepting the Chief REACT Training Officer job, which would lead her to California’s Camp Pendleton. Seemingly confident about her career change that would break up her current team (and potentially her relationship with Brian Dietzen’s Dr. Jimmy Palmer), Knight accepted the position with a “hell yeah.” While the new development has significant significance to Knight’s character, it is also impactful for the NCIS franchise as a whole.

Knight’s departure from the role signals the continuation of a 19-year NCIS franchise legacy that sees the role handed down among some of the show’s most vital female NCIS cast members. The role initially belonged to Special Agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander) after Gibbs (Mark Harmon) recruited her when she was fired from the Secret Service in season 1, episode 1. The iconic role was passed to Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) in NCIS season 3 and would change hands a couple more times before Katrina Law landed the position. Knight’s MCRT role is set to change hands in season 22.

Former FBI Special Agent Rose Is Jessica Knight’s Perfect Replacement.

Rose Is Introduced In NCIS Season 21, Episode 1.

NCIS has shown that Kim Matula’s FBI Agent Rose is Jessica Knight’s perfect replacement. The to-the-point agent is introduced in NCIS season 21, episode 1, “Algún Día.” She shows up at NCIS Headquarters and shuts down the system to download data on Agent Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and the MCRT. At this moment, Agent Rose is established as a fiercely confident character who knows how to get what she needs. A continuation of Rose’s character needs to happen in NCIS season 22, and joining the MCRT would be the ultimate renewal of her character’s story.

There’s a moment in “Algún Día” where Jess and Rose’s likeness as agents is revealed when they share a moment that would serve as the perfect hand-off of the role. Rose is inside NCIS Headquarters, and Jessica Knight follows her into the elevator and appeals to her to give her information about the case. Rose implies that Jessica is playing the loyalty card, to which Jess replies that her only loyalty is to the truth. The moment between the agents impacts Agent Rose because she sends NCIS the FBI case files that help them clear Nick’s name.

Signs That Rose Will Return In NCIS Season 22.

There Are Signs That Rose Is Already Employed At NCIS.

Interestingly enough, There are already signs that Rose may be returning in season 22. It all starts when the position for the head of the NCIS Cyber Division is left open by the resignation of Barnhart. This leads to Parker taking the blame for it. Later on, Rose reveals that not only was she fired from the FBI by Parker as an unexpected consequence of the situation, but shealsoapplied for the position at NCIS Cyber. Her potential position in the cyber division could lead to a mainstay status in the NCIS shared universe, and Rose did indeed enjoy her time at NCIS.


It’s likely that NCIS already employs Agent Rose. While it’s not officially confirmed, it’s suggested that Rose got the job. It’s confirmed that someone has filled the NCIS Cyber position because, in the next episode, McGee is back in the bullpen. On top of her already being at NCIS Headquarters, Rose would be a worthy candidate to join Parker’s MCRT, where her computer skills would advance the team. Rose isn’t featured again in the 10 episodes of NCIS season 21, and it could be a way to set up a significant franchise development when she’s chosen to fill Knight’s role.

Rose’s FBI Background Would Continue A Franchise Trend Of Incorporating FBI Agents.

The Series Has A Long History Of Employing Former FBI Agents.

If she joined the team, Rose would continue a trend for the franchise that sees former FBI agents step into a role on the MCRT. The most noteworthy case is Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker, whose memorable transition from the FBI to NCIS happened in season 19. Parker was fired from the FBI after helping Gibbs and was rewarded for his efforts when he was brought onto the MCRT. Agent Rose has proven herself by providing NCIS with the crucial FBI case files that helped them solve the case, showing that she shares essential values with Parker.

NCIS also has an FBI connection with NCIS: New Orleans character Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito), who was also fired from the FBI. Tammy has a standout skill set due to her exposure to different kinds of training at the FBI, such as her sharpshooter training (making her one of the few female NCIS agents with this kind of experience). She also has profiling experience, giving her the skills to design a profile of the criminal they are after to give her NCIS colleagues a better idea of what to look for. Similarly, Rose could bring exciting qualities to the team.