NCIS: Origins Cast Video Puts Faces To Characters For New Gibbs Show


An NCIS: Origins cast video was released to get potential viewers excited.

This new show from the NCISverse is taking some risks, as the producers hope fans want to see stories from younger versions of some important characters.

Flashback episodes of NCIS went over very well, with stories like when Leroy Jethro Gibbs first met Donald Mallard. They even had Mark Harmon’s son (Sean Harmon) play a younger version of Gibbs.

The idea to do flashbacks has been fleshed out into a full series, with episodes of NCIS: Origins debuting in Fall 2024.

The new show gets the 10/9c timeslot on Mondays that has been vacated by NCIS: Hawai’i. Unfortunately, the Vanessa Lachey NCIS spin-off was canceled by CBS.
NCIS Season 22 will air on Mondays at 9/8c in the fall, serving as the lead-in for this new prequel show.

NCIS: Origins cast video released
To spur interest and show the faces of the NCIS: Origins stars, a video was released to advertise the new show. As a reminder, the show is set in 1991.
The video is shared below and features most main characters, including actor Kyle Schmid sporting a new beard to play the younger Mike Franks.

Here is the NCIS: Origins cast
This is a quick breakdown of the NCIS: Origins cast so viewers know what to look for in the video below.

Austin Stowell plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Kyle Schmid plays Mike Franks.
Mariel Molino plays Special Agent Lala Dominguez.
Tyla Abercrumbie plays Field Operation Support Officer Mary Jo Sullivan.
Diany Rodriguez plays Special Agent Vera Strickland.
Caleb Foote plays Special Agent Benjamin “Randy” Randolf.
Daniel Bellomy plays Special Agent Granville “Granny” Dawson.
Robert Taylor plays Jackson Gibbs (Gibbs’ father).