Ncis: Hawaii Cancellation Ruins The Whole Franchise’s Major Milestone


The promising spinoff could do so many things better.

With all the news concerning NCIS: Hawaii’s recent cancellation, fans have quite a lot to rage about.
One of the reasons for their grudge has something to do with the LGBTQ+ representation in the show.
Throughout its 3-season run, NCIS: Hawaii featured a lesbian couple whose relationships debunked all stereotypes about the same-sex couples’ image on screen.
Given some big changes that will affect the original show’s plot pretty soon, the franchise still has a chance to make it up to its big loss that hit a major milestone back in the day.
Amid the fans’ raging reaction about NCIS: Hawaii’s cancellation right before letting a big cliffhanger out for the public to reconcile with, this isn’t the only reason why the show is indeed such a big deal for its viewers and for the present-day television as well.Ending its run after only three seasons the first one of which was launched in 2021, NCIS: Hawaii started an important trend of aspiring for same-sex relationships’ accurate representation on screen, the aspect that later on became a merit for the whole NCIS franchise.
Though the police procedural drama show’s other spinoffs also demonstrated several gay couples throughout their plot, things are pretty much different when it comes to NCIS: Hawaii in particular.
The show featured relationships between FBI Special Agent Kate Whistler and NCIS Junior Agent Lucy Tara, who, unlike many lesbian couples in other series or movies, have no sexual undertone in their bond at all proving that their relationships were in fact healthy and primarily based on mutual love and respect.
NCIS: Hawaii even had some kind of major breakthrough regarding the LGBTQ+ community that later on praised the show for its accuracy in showing a lesbian couple’s genuine and tender relationships.


It was thus a whole new sign for the NCIS franchise to follow the spinoff’s suit in the LGBTQ+ right representation letting the same-sex couples share the screen as much as any other couples do.
If it hadn’t been for the show’s unfair cancellation, NCIS: Hawaii could’ve in fact become some kind of guiding light for the franchise’s original show as NCIS has lacked the overall diversity for years of its recent run.
With big changes making their way to its plot, NCIS may still have some time to not let its spinoff’s milestone be gone forever. As the show’s recent episodes revealed the highly anticipated life-changing career offer for Jessica Knight, her possible departure from the main storyline can give a way for an LGBTQ+ character taking over Knight’s position.