Married At First Sight Season 3: Who’s Still Together (And Who Isn’t)


Discover which of the three couples from Married At First Sight Season 3 has survived, from Tres and Vanessa to Ashley and David to Neil and Samantha.

The popular reality dating show Married At First Sight’s third season ended seven years ago, but the participants were still well-known enough to leave viewers wondering what the couples and contestants had been up to since the show’s airing. In 2023, very few MAFS couples are still together. But because of the show’s widespread appeal, people wonder what the cast members get up to once their divorces are finalized.

In the MAFS season 3 finale, Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell ended the show as a happy, married couple, while Ashley Doherty and David Norton and, Samantha Role and Neil Bowlus had opposing views on Decision Day. While reunification between the latter two couples isn’t expected, other aspects of individual cast members’ personal lives bear importance. Lots has changed since MAFS season 1, but the desire to find happiness never changes.

Tres & Vanessa – No Longer Together

Easily the best couple on MAFS season 3, luxury car salesman Tres and event manager Vanessa appeared to be a match made in heaven right out of the gate. Roughly one year apart, the two shared combustible chemistry that seemed authentic from the jump. They were a pairing with massive potential to stay together for the long haul.

However, when Vanessa learned Tres signed up for MAFS as a lark, she raised red flags over his genuine commitment to the marriage process. Later, when Tres revealed he enjoyed the wild nightlife, Vanessa no longer saw eye-to-eye with Tres’ relationship goals as she preferred to settle down and take marriage seriously. Despite the trouble brewing in paradise, Tres and Vanessa decided to remain married on Decision Day.

But as the reunion program Married At FirstSight: Six Months Later disclosed, the couple divorced after just six months. Us Weekly claims that Vanessa and Tres battled for their marriage by attending marital counseling. “I stayed committed to the marriage and us trying to make it work,” the woman declared. We attempted counseling, but no matter what I did, my sentiments would not come back.”

After making an appearance on Married At First Sight: Second Chances, Vanessa moved over her memories of Tres. She eventually wed Andre Forbes, but the two of them divorced not long after. Vanessa looks to be single as of 2023, but Tres keeps his social media profile hidden, making it unclear what his relationship status is.

Ashley & David – No Longer Together

Nursing student Ashley and software account executive David had one of the strangest journeys on the show. When the marriage experts paired the two to begin MAFS season 3, David became an instant fan favorite due to his magnetic personality. In contrast, Ashley becomes somewhat of a villain for her apparent lack of interest in her new husband. Over time, their roles would become reversed in the public eye as their marriage quickly evaporated in front of the world.


On Decision Day, a split ensued in which David said “Yes,” and Ashley said “No” to their renewed marriage. The situation got even more intense when In Touch released an article that delved into David’s criminal record and violent past, something Ashley had been unaware of a few weeks after their divorce. While David’s whereabouts post-MAFS are harder to track, Ashley has kept her fans up to date on her life. On New Year’s Eve 2019, she got married to her new partner, and in April 2020, the two welcomed their first baby, a son named Julian.

Neil & Samantha – No Longer Together

Unfortunately, Neil and Samantha’s marriage ended in divorce on Decision Day, meaning that all three of the MAFS season 3 couples are no longer together. Even though the experts said they were a fit, it was evident to the audience that Samantha found Neil’s shy missteps a little too much to handle. To his credit, Neil made an effort to be more charming during the season, but Samantha didn’t seem to be interested in him until much later on.

When Samantha did finally warm up to Neil’s unique sense of humor, he couldn’t quite connect to her personality any longer, leading to his shocking decision to get divorced on Decision Day after she opted to stay together. Following the awkward split decision, the two remained friends, which they reaffirmed in the 2020 episode of MAFS: Where Are They Now?. Thankfully, after admitting on the reunion show that Neil helped her “realize why my previous relationships were a failure,” and she went on to “learn from that.”

Both of the couples have at last found happiness again since the end of the show. A few months after giving birth to their daughter Isabella Myra Wise, Samantha wed her boyfriend Chris Wise in a surprise ceremony in 2018 (per People). In March 2022, Samantha gave birth to twins, Sienna and Everly. Neil, on the other hand, has traveled and taken part in a number of charity runs throughout the years. The third season of Married At First Sight pair is doing well apart from one another.