Married At First Sight Season 17: The Real Reason Austin & Becca Haven’t Talked About The “Hard Stuff” In Their Relationship


Becca and Austin from Married at First Sight season 17 have not talked about the “hard stuff” in their relationship yet, and that could be bad.

Becca and Austin, the Married at First Sight season 17 couple, have not yet spoken the “hard stuff” in their marriage, which could cause issues. When Becca and Austin first saw each other at the altar, they fell in love right away. Their personalities and sense of humor clicked right away, making them feel at ease. Austin was kind when Becca told him about her health problems and the agony they were causing her the morning following their wedding. Beyond that, though, Becca and Austin have not talked about important and possibly contentious issues that should come up in a marriage.

Married at First Sight viewers have been watching Austin and Becca on their honeymoon, and they appear to be the most well-matched couple. They had a slight disconnect after Becca spent time with the wives on the honeymoon and gushed about her relationship with Austin. During Austin’s talk with the husbands, he downplayed how well he thought his marriage was going so as not to rub his happiness in the faces of the husbands who were struggling. Becca let him know she wished he had been more open, and Austin understood her concern and apologized. They may have sorted through those two issues okay, but bigger hurdles are ahead.

Becca And Austin Have A Lot In Common

Becca and Austin have showcased that they were matched together for a reason. Austin is a “typical Colorado guy” who holds a lot of value in marriage. Becca is a spunky wedding photographer who wants someone to love her despite her chronic health problems and doesn’t see her as a burden. It seems that she’s found that in Austin, whose high emotional intelligence aligns with Becca’s need for affirmation. Becca and Austin are video game nerds who have also proved that they like to be social and have close inner circles. They are good supporters of the other couples and have no problem being affectionate.


Becca And Austin Have Not Talked About Their Differences

Even though Becca and Austin seem like a good match and have chemistry, their relationship may be tested by future disagreements. Becca and Austin have been concentrating on having fun together, so there hasn’t been an opportunity to discuss difficult subjects yet. They may be concerned that if they bring up their initial differences, their dynamic may shift. The willingness of either party to make concessions on delicate matters may also be a source of disagreement and a barrier to discussing difficult subjects.

Becca and Austin have also not been intimate yet as they build their emotional connection. However, “sex positive” Becca and adventurous Austin don’t seem like sex will be an issue to navigate for them. They have proved so far that they are there for each other, but topics like religion, money, and lifestyle choices could prove to crack the Married at First Sight season 17 couple’s foundation they’ve built. How Becca’s health issues will develop and how Austin will handle them are also tough things that could make the relationship more work.

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