Mafs: Clare Reveals She And Husband Cameron Have Not ‘Kissed Nor Cuddled’ Amid Intimacy Struggle


In a behind-the-scenes look at this week’s “Married at First Sight” episode, Clare acknowledges that she has found it difficult to get intimate with men because they “haven’t been willing to show me off like in public.”

Clare, who was married at First Sight, is looking for tips on how to spend more time together with her spouse Cameron.

This week’s Lifetime show has an exclusive sneak look in which Clare confides in her co-stars Becca, Lauren, and Emily that she and Cameron “aren’t the most physically affectionate” and seeks their counsel.

“How are you typically in past romantic relationships?” Becca responds. “Like, are you super physically affectionate?”

Clare candidly shares that she has “struggled with that in the past” because the men she has previously dated “haven’t been willing to show me off in public or are not willing to hold my hands so I think that I’m used to that.”

“So for me, it’s not the weirdest thing, but when I see you guys, I’m like, well, it is kind of weird,” she continues. “The attraction that you all have with your partners was immediate, and that’s fair to say. Correct?”

“Yeah,” Becca says and Clare adds, “That’s where we differ, hasn’t been that experience for us.”

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Meanwhile, Cameron tells his male costars that he’s “really attracted” to Clare, adding, “I think she is very attractive while we aren’t the most intimate people yet. I’m very much looking forward to us getting there.”


Clare is more direct about their intimacy struggles, telling her costars, “We have not kissed nor cuddled.”

“Have you hugged?” Becca asks as Clare responds that they have.

When Emily asks who started the affection, Becca and Lauren encourage her to return the favor whenever she feels tenderness from Cameron.

Additionally, it could not feel cozy. Should I give it a minute to sit? Says Becca.

To be honest, ladies, I don’t even think he’ll do that, clarifies Clare.

She is reminded by her co-stars that Cameron used to be affectionate as a flashback shows him placing his arm around her.

Lauren remembers, “His body language was directed towards you.” “Do your best to find the positive; the more you search for it, the more you’ll find it.”

“Just literally grab his face and make out the next time we’re all hanging out,” advises Becca, taking a riskier tack.

“Yeah, it’d be easy from zero to 100 real quick,” Clare replies.

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