Lisa Rinna Declares Teddi Mellencamp ‘One Of The Greatest Housewives Of All Time’


After leaving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna has been keeping busy, I guess. Rinna claims that not having to worry about the anchor of a Bravo paycheck makes her incredibly happy. And we’re glad she’s content.

Rinna has been around the globe, attending cutting-edge fashion events and serving unconventional styles. Additionally, she is continuously displaying her acting prowess in American Horror Story Season 3. In what may be Lisa’s best performance to date, she’s naming Teddi Mellencamp as one of the Real Housewives’ finest ever.

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Is someone needed to perform a wellness check? Rinna responded to a few inquiries from viewers during her time on Amazon Live. The fans wished Teddi to the cornfield in 2020 after working with him for two seasons on RHOBH.
Rinna supported her colleague Fox Force Five member Teddi when a viewer questioned why everyone had a bad opinion of her. “I find Teddi to be among the greatest housewives of all time, so I don’t understand that.” Lisa’s nose did not enlarge by several inches at that same moment, as far as I know. But because that’s some potent stuff, I’ll take what she’s having.

She added, “Nobody can ferret out the truth like Teddi Mellencamp. Any time we forget something, or someone has called us out on something, you call Teddi and ask ‘what happened here?’ and she knows everything.” That’s because Teddi doesn’t have a job filming and has tons of available time to Google.


“I love Teddi Mellencamp – you guys don’t understand, I don’t think. Everyone has their own opinion,” she said. Is … is Teddi in the room with a menacing look on her face?

To everyone his own, I believe. I’ll stick by my statement that Teddi is one of the best housewives we’ve ever had, even though I believe she was misunderstood. She is skilled at stirring things up; you need people who don’t mind stirring things up. I doubt that anyone is now stirring it over there. If not, it’s dull,” Rinna went on. Assumed Lisa? “Over there stirring it right now” is nobody in sight. Give them a name. Give them a name.

This makes little sense because much of the audience complained that Teddi was boring. No offense to current Teddi, but she gave nothing to the show other than support of Kyle Richards’ ego. Maybe Rinna was watching a different timeline featuring Teddi than we were, but like she said, “to each his own.”

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