Kyle Richards And Dorit Kemsley Question Sutton Stracke’S Drinking As Crystal Defends Her In Rhobh Sneak Peek


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s latest season is underway. Even though Lisa Rinna is no longer in the cast, the drama on the program continues each week despite her departure.

A fresh teaser for the RHOBH show airing next week has just been made public. Fans can see Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley talking about Sutton Stracke and really worried for their co-star in the preview. This is in spite of the fact that Sutton is also protected from some shade by Crystal Kung Minkoff.

As fans know, there has been concern from several other RHOBH cast members about Sutton and her drinking. In fact, it was just a couple of months ago that Teddi insinuated that Sutton was an alcoholic. Of course, Sutton clapped back and defended herself against the allegation.

In the recently revealed video, which was shared on The Real Housewives Zone on Instagram, Kyle and Dorit talk about Dorit’s drinking habits and her tendency toward aggression.

Kyle begins the video by expressing her love for Sutton and her observation that she has been acting a little strangely recently. Dorit then adds in, describing how, after drinking, she gets from “0 to 60” very rapidly and begins to mimic Sutton.


Kyle asks Dorit what she thinks the issue is, and she responds, “Well, Sutton drinks.” It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if she mixed a little vodka with her morning coffee.

However, Crystal is also there and witnessing the conversation. She seems to be defending Sutton and says that she always “seems sort of fine.”

Not backing down, Kyle then says that Sutton is “used to it” and begins to talk about how Vodka can make different people act. Crystal goes on to joke that maybe Kyle is “Jealous that [Sutton] can hold them [drinks] down.”

It’s clear that the RHOBH ladies care about Sutton and only want the best for her. They even try to make a plan to discuss the issues with her. Fans can watch the new episode of RHOBH on Wednesday.