Jessica Knight’s Potential Replacement In NCIS Will Continue The Franchise’s 3 Year Trend


The show has been giving some space for FBI agents recently.

NCIS season 21 finale left fans across the world wondering how things will turn after the big cliffhanger that gives no certainty about Jessica Knight’s further fate. Well, it’s not bad after all, given that she finally got her dream job of the Chief REACT Training Officer, but what’s uncertain here is who is destined to take over Knight’s position at the MCRT after she’s inevitably sent across the country to a new workplace.

While there’s nothing to say about whether Knight will leave the show for good or will rather appear as a guest in the upcoming seasons, the challengers for her vacant place are quite numerous, but only one of them fits in for several reasons at once.

Who Can Possibly Take Jessica Knight’s Place?

The latest season’s episode 1 introduces a new character, former FBI agent Rose, whose role throughout the next nine episodes evolves enough to have a potential comeback in the next installment. Apart from the fact th at she doesn’t waste too much time to prove how efficient she can be about getting what she needs, Rose is also quick to establish a good relationship with Jessica Knight with whom she seems to be on the same page.


On top of that, Rose’s FBI connections still come in handy for her at NCIS while she helps her new team carry out an important mission and later on seems to be eyeing a better position at NCIS Cyber, something that may be brought to light when she returns in season 22.

Leaving aside everything Rose has in common with Jessica Knight, her candidacy for the latter’s role has yet another upside, and, ironically, it’s her past in the FBI. NCIS has been constantly changing its perspective by bringing in more characters who previously got to be FBI agents, with the most notable one of them being Special Agent Alden Parker who had this crucial job shift back in season 19.

As the show’s fans are pretty much aware of, Parker’s eventual dismissal from the FBI after helping Gibbs led him to join the MCRT and become one of the show’s outstanding characters.

Despite her relatively brief appearance in the series, Rose has yet made it clear that her FBI past can do good for her current job while she can still use some FBI case files to help the new team with their own difficult case.

The character thus comes as someone who shares Parker’s career path and crucial values, becoming a worthy replacement for Jessica Knight should the latter leave the show for good.