Is Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday Returning In Doctor Who Season 15


The question of Millie Gibson reprising her role as Ruby Sunday becomes even less clear-cut in Doctor Who season 14’s final episode. When Ruby Sunday debuted in “The Church on Ruby Road,” Doctor Who wasted no time establishing her huge importance to the story. In many ways, Ruby has been as much of a main character as Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor, enjoying particularly prominent roles in “Boom” and “73 Yards.” Despite this, reports emerged in early 2024 claiming Varada Sethu would take over the companion role for Doctor Who season 15.

As uncertainty swirled, Millie Gibson’s Doctor Who cast status finally received an official response in April 2024, as the BBC confirmed a three-person TARDIS team of Gatwa, Gibson, and Sethu, with the Doctor having “two companions by his side.” The matter appeared to be settled, but Doctor Who season 14’s ending casts doubt over Ruby Sunday’s future once more. After finding her birth parents and gaining the answers she craved, Ruby and the Doctor share an emotional, tearful parting of ways before the credits roll.

Millie Gibson Will Appear In Doctor Who Season 15

All Evidence Points To Ruby Sunday’s Doctor Who Return

Despite Ruby’s story appearing to end in the final moments of Doctor Who season 14, all indications point towards Millie Gibson reprising her role in season 15. As well as the aforementioned BBC announcement confirming the Doctor will have a pair of companions in 2025, Gibson herself has discussed filming Doctor Who’s new season during interviews. Additionally, Jonah Hauer-King has reportedly been cast in Doctor Who season 15 as an unspecified character, and is widely speculated to be playing Ruby’s boyfriend after the pair filmed scenes together.


As such, Ruby Sunday’s legend looks highly likely to continue, however definitive her goodbye with Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor may have looked. Further proof of Ruby’s return can be found in how Doctor Who season 14’s finale delays answering the mystery of Mrs. Flood’s identity. Ruby’s grandmother, Cherry Sunday, is the only Doctor Who character who knows Mrs. Flood isn’t who she claims, and that knowledge gives Ruby a natural reason to reunite with the Doctor.

Doctor Who Season 14’s Ending Hints Ruby Won’t Be A Main Companion

Doctor Who’s TARDIS Team May Not Be A Trio After All

Millie Gibson’s presence in Doctor Who season 15 does not necessarily prove she will return in the traditional companion role. While season 14 ends with the Doctor promising he will see Ruby again, her final departure from the TARDIS is a raw, bittersweet scene that leaves both characters crying. If Doctor Who season 15 begins with Ruby merely changing her mind and returning to the TARDIS like nothing happened, season 14’s powerful ending will become utterly redundant, and viewers would be justified in feeling duped.

One possible scenario is that Varada Sethu plays the Doctor’s primary companion in Doctor Who season 15 – the one in the TARDIS following him around week-in, week-out. Ruby, meanwhile, could take on a supporting role, remaining in her own time, but assisting the Doctor whenever he visits present-day Earth. Alternatively, Ruby may discover a threat – Mrs. Flood or Jonah Hauer-King’s character – that makes her seek the Doctor’s help, leading to a reunion with her old Time Lord friend and an introduction to her own replacement.