“I Love You”: Ruby Sunday’s Final Doctor Who Season 14 Line Explained


Ruby Sunday’s declaration of love for the Doctor in Doctor Who reveals a lot about their relationship and the direction it could take as their story moves forward. When Ncuti Gatwa debuted as the Doctor, it was clear that his campy characterization of the Doctor would mark a new chapter for the show. Gatwa’s portrayal of the show’s titular character guided Doctor Who season 14 through a season exploring romance and friendship in novel ways. This approach helped make Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday a fitting companion to this version of the Doctor.

Of all the Doctor Who season 14 characters, Ruby Sunday was the dearest to the Doctor. Close relationships with the Doctor are often the case for their companions, but each companion occupies a different place in the Doctor’s life. Rose is perhaps the most significant example of how Doctor Who’s contemporary seasons, otherwise known as “NuWho,” threw a companion into a romantic relationship with the Doctor. With season 14 shaking things up, it is a good time for Doctor Who to be exploring the variety of ways that the Doctor can continue to relate to his companions.

Ruby’s “I Love You” Line In Doctor Who Season 14’s Finale Was Platonic

Ruby Sunday And The Doctor Are Just Friends

Ruby Sunday said “I love you” to the Doctor at the end of season 14, and she meant it as a friend. There was some interesting chemistry between Ruby and the Doctor when they first met, but after a full season developed their relationship, it’s clear that this was more just the general charisma of the two characters than anything else. Gatwa’s sexuality translated well into the queerness of his Fifteenth Doctor, which unfurled throughout season 14. This is one of the ways that Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor is probably the most boundary-breaking of all the different versions of Doctor Who’s main character.

Ncuti Gatwa represents the first Black actor, and the first African-born actor to play the Doctor. What’s more, Doctor Who actor Neil Patrick Harris confirmed that Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor is the first gay Doctor. For this progressive and ground-breaking iteration of the series’ main character, it makes sense for a relationship between the Doctor and a female companion to be platonic. Despite the powerful chemistry between Gibson and Gatwa, Ruby Sunday bucked recent trends to be a companion who showed as little romantic interest in the Doctor as he showed in her.

Doctor Who Is Moving Away From The Doctor-Companion Romance Trope

There Have Been A Few Amorous Doctor Who Companions

Over Doctor Who’s long time on television, since 1963, the Doctor’s role has understandably changed with the times. Originally, a Doctor-companion romance was quite left-of-center due to the family-friendly nature of the show. Despite an accidental marriage to an Aztec woman and a reference to a past wife, it took Doctor Who until 1966 to show the Doctor kissing a companion, and that was just in a TV movie. But since the show’s 2005 revival, companions Rose, Martha, and Yaz have all been Doctor Who love interests – with varying degrees of success, of course.


Starting this trend off with a bang was Russell T Davies’ “NuWho” launch series, which featured Rose Tyler and the Doctor gradually falling in love in what is often considered one of Doctor Who’s best stories. Arguably, this left such a big scar on the Doctor that she hesitated to jump into a romance with Yaz, despite Yaz’s obvious interest. Companion Martha Stewart’s feelings for the Doctor were also unreciprocated. Though the modern idea of passion in the TARDIS is welcome, Ruby and the Doctor’s “gay best friend” dynamic in season 14 was refreshing.

Doctor Who Season 14’s Ending Sets Up Ruby Sunday’s Return

Ruby Sunday’s Story Will Continue in Doctor Who

Ruby Sunday is destined to return in Doctor Who, which is a scenario that was hinted at over the course of season 14. Showrunner Russel T Davies actually confirmed that Ruby Sunday will return as a companion in season 15, alongside another companion played by Varada Sethu. He spoke to Doctor Who: Unleashed, confirming that Sethu is “coming in, into season 2, but quite how that happens, what happens, why it happens, is very much knitted into the story of the Doctor and the story of Ruby Sunday.” This leaves the Doctor’s friendship with Ruby and flirtation with season 14 character, Rogue, able to continue in Doctor Who season 15.

All things considered, her return is necessary to the show’s story. Although Ruby left the TARDIS in the season 14 finale, there are some Ruby-related plotlines that the show has yet to tie up. Doctor Who season 14 made it seem as if it had resolved the giant question mark of Ruby’s neighbor, who appeared at different points throughout space and time as different people. However, in a twist at the end of the episode, Ruby’s neighbor broke the fourth wall to address the audience with a mysterious message.

The show also seemingly tied off the mystery of Ruby Sunday’s mother, but the show never really revealed why the memory of Ruby being abandoned by her other mother on Christmas Eve kept making it snow.

It is not the first time that she did this in season 14 – the show is setting her up to be an important and unique presence in the show. And it is unlikely that Doctor Who will feature Ruby Sunday’s neighbor without at least a passing glance at Ruby. The show also seemingly tied off the mystery of Ruby Sunday’s mother, but the show never really revealed why the memory of Ruby being abandoned by her other mother on Christmas Eve kept making it snow. This is something Doctor Who could return to in future seasons.