I Know How Ncis Season 22 Can Solve Its Jessica Knight & Jimmy Palmer Dilemma


The latest NCIS season finale left the relationship between Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer in uncertain terms, but I know how it can be resolved. NCIS is known for being a police procedural show that follows crimes relating to Navy and Marine Corps personnel, but it is also known for portraying strong interpersonal relationships between its cast members. When Katrina Law’s character Knight revealed she was leaving in the NCIS season 21 finale, her relationship with Palmer was jeopardized.

The season finale showed Knight accepting a new NCIS position in California, far from her current team and boyfriend Jimmy Palmer, played by Brian Dietzen. Many characters have left NCIS over the years, so Knight’s exit is not so surprising. As an ambitious character, Knight’s move makes sense for her. However, her exit brings questions regarding Palmer and what might happen to the beloved NCIS couple. As NCIS season 22 approaches, I have an idea of how this dilemma can be solved in a satisfying way.

NCIS Season 22 Solving What Happens With Knight & Palmer Isn’t Easy

Heartbreak Comes With Every Answer

The NCIS season 21 finale cliffhanger revealed that Knight accepted a job as an NCIS REACT Chief Training Officer. The new role would mean leaving her current team and moving away from Washington, D.C. and relocating to California to start training at Camp Pendleton. The move would also separate her from her current boyfriend, Dr. Jimmy Palmer. After the worrisome NCIS season 21 finale, different ideas have been discussed regarding Knight & Palmer’s relationship and with that discussion comes a lot of varying answers. I see several different ways this could play out, but unfortunately, none come without at least some heartbreak.

If Knight changes her mind at the last minute, it would mean losing out on an incredible opportunity for her career. If Palmer decides to go with her to California, it would likely mean he would have to downgrade his career as a result. In both cases, one partner loses out on the career of their dreams. If the couple stays together, one partner will have to compromise. While Dietzen’s role in NCIS season 22 is uncertain for now, even if Knight leaves, it’s very likely that he’ll stay. So far, it seems like a sad ending is inevitable for this couple.

Knight & Palmer Breaking Up In NCIS Season 22 Could Be Great For Both Characters

Both Knight & Palmer Could Advance Their Careers

While breaking up doesn’t usually seem like a happy solution, especially for a healthy relationship, it is sometimes the happiest decision for all involved parties. Following the NCIS season 21 finale, I think that breaking up may be the best answer to Knight & Palmer’s relationship dilemma. Both of them can continue to lead fulfilling lives and careers and be happy on their own terms. Palmer can continue his role as Chief Medical Examiner and Knight can join the NCIS REACT team. Heartbreak may be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be long-lasting.


“Things move around so quickly for major characters that maybe Gibb’s rule to never date a coworker had logic beyond the typical belief of keeping things professional.”

If the couple breaks up, Knight & Palmer would be free to pursue their careers without having to wonder about the implications it would have on their relationship. While it makes me sad that such a stable relationship might be nearing its end, maybe that’s just the nature of the show. Things move around so quickly for major characters that maybe Gibb’s rule to never date a coworker had logic beyond the typical belief of keeping things professional. Not dating NCIS coworkers means team members can focus on their jobs and career advancement without holding back.

Knight & Palmer Could End Things On Good Terms

An Unhappy Ending Could Be Positive In This Case

Breaking up doesn’t seem so bad when you think about how the couple would be breaking up on good terms. Distance would be the only cause of the heartbreak. There would be no fights or dramatic season exits like Ziva’s faked death in NCIS a few years back. By ending the relationship mutually, the couple would also be spared the difficulties of long-distance relationships. While difficult, an early break-up ensures the least amount of emotional pain for both Knight & Palmer.

An early break-up would also spare Palmer from reliving the pain he’s had with previous character exits. When Palmer lost his wife, Breena, during the coronavirus pandemic, he wasn’t given the chance to say goodbye due to the contagious nature of the illness. He also wasn’t able to say goodbye to his mentor and friend, Ducky, who passed away in his sleep. Another time that Palmer missed out on saying goodbye was when his teammate Ellie Bishop left suddenly in NCIS season 18. As a result, a mutual break-up might be the best thing for Palmer.