House Of The Dragon Season 2 Just Foreshadowed A Brutal Aegon Twist That I’M Excited About


House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3 subtly teased a dark Aegon twist that I cannot wait to see play out. As of House of the Dragon season 2 episode 3’s ending, the Dance of Dragons threatens to explode. The slow build-up of the season thus far has moved the pieces around the board in classic Game of Thrones fashion, with Rhaenyra’s inability to get through to Alicent seemingly the straw that will break the dragon’s back, so to speak. As someone who knows what is coming, I cannot wait for House of the Dragon’s future episodes.

One character that has surprised me this season is Aegon II Targaryen. While he undoubtedly still has his undesirable tendencies, House of the Dragon cast member Tom Glynn-Carney has imbued the young King with a sense of underlying decency that I did not expect after season 1. As such, my anticipation to see how his story from George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Blood will play out on screen has increased immeasurably. One brutal part of Aegon’s future was even foreshadowed in House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3, which promises a deeper story for the character going forward.

House Of The Dragon Season 2, Episode 3 Foreshadows Aegon’s Rook’s Rest Injuries

Aegon’s Militaristic Future Is Teased By A Smart Visual Cue

In House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3, Aegon is shown preparing for battle. In his continued quest to seem like a strong, fearsome king, Aegon wishes to join Criston Cole on the path to war and is shown trying on armor resembling Aegon the Conqueror. At the end of the scene, Aegon is shown staring at himself in the mirror, which foreshadows a brutal set of injuries that are set to come in the seemingly inevitable Battle at Rook’s Rest.

In Fire and Blood, the Battle at Rook’s Rest is one of the early skirmishes in the Targaryen Civil War – the Dance of Dragons – and it is safe to assume this will happen sooner rather than later after the events of House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3. In this battle, Aegon, Criston Cole, and Aemond ambush Rhaenys and her dragon Meleys in a harrowing battle, resulting in the death of the latter two characters. While the loss of Rhaenys and Meleys is a blow to the Blacks, Aegon and his dragon Sunfyre also suffer terrible injuries.


When Aegon is looking at himself in the mirror, half of his face and chest are covered in shadow and darkness, teasing the half that will be badly burned…

Aegon is incapacitated for the better part of a year due to severe burns that cover half his body, burns that are subtly teased in House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3. When Aegon is looking at himself in the mirror, half of his face and chest are covered in shadow and darkness, teasing the half that will be badly burned in the upcoming battle. While I am not excited to see the character in such brutal pain, the battle and everything that transpires afterward is cause for anticipation.

What Happens To Aegon After Sustaining His Injuries In The Book

Aegon’s War Is Left For Other Members Of His Family To Fight

After Aegon’s injuries, he is effectively sidelined from the Dance of Dragons. Aegon is left incredibly scarred from his burns, and his armor is melted into his skin. Atop broken ribs and a broken hip, Aegon’s injuries see him bedridden for almost a year. Only Criston Cole and Alicent were permitted to see Aegon for this lengthy period due to his awful injuries and his mind being clouded by Milk of the Poppy. Concerning how this will affect House of the Dragon, another character will take up Aegon’s role.

Fire and Blood mentions that Aemond rules in Aegon’s stead, becoming Protector of the Realm and Prince Regent. This hints that Ewan Mitchell’s Aemond will have a much larger role after House of the Dragon depicts Rook’s Rest, which is all but guaranteed to be in season 2, episode 4. What this means for Aegon remains to be seen, as House of the Dragon’s book changes could be even greater to give Tom Glynn-Carney a continued role. Until then, however, House of the Dragon’s Rook’s Rest teases stoke excitement – and dread – for the wars to come.